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Should I get a Reading? March 10, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in mediumship, Spirit Communication.

MEDIUMISTIC READINGS: Have a mediumistic reading with an educated and experienced medium when you want to hear from loved ones who have passed on.  You have to be open to whoever comes through from spirit in your reading, but a good medium will most likely, (in my opinion) be able to connect with the person you want most to hear from.  I do not like to know any information beforehand as it will only confuse me as to whether I am getting the information from spirit or from the client.  I also do not like to have clients show me pictures of their loved ones in spirit, as I can tell alot about a person from seeing their picture, but it does not mean that I have connected with that person in spirit.  It is only fair to say that many professional and well known mediums disagree with me on this point, and feel that looking at a picture simply helps them link with the person the client wants to communicate with.

Before making an appointment with any medium, do your research. Study the website of the medium, or if this medium does not prefer to have a website, then talk to the medium on the phone and ask yourself “Am I going to be comfortable with this medium?”  I feel that the repore between the medium and the client is important, and the combined energies of the medium and the client, create a spiritual platform, so to speak, for spirit to come through on. This does not mean that a medium cannot give a great and evidential reading to a client who is hard to get along with and irritated with the medium, but a reading should be a sacred experience as well as a time to get proof that we really can communicate with those in spirit.  It can be hard to be part of a sacred experience for both the medium and client if the vibes between them are negative. Trust your gut instict as you choose a medium. How do you feel when you read the medium’s website?  Or how to you feel on the phone with the medium?

PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE READINGS: When you are honestly looking for guidance, have a psychic reading, which some of us call intuitive readings.  There is absolutley no sense in having an intuitive reading if you are not open to hearing guidance from the psychic medium.  Some clients spend their whole time arguing with the guidance the reader is giving them instead of listening and taking it in.  It goes without saying: a client does not have to follow the advice if he or she does not choose to.  But if a client already knows what they want to do and they are not open to any other suggestions, why have a reading in the first place?  It is a waste of time and a waste of money. 

Sometimes in an intuitive reading you will hear suggestions that match exactly the direction that you have already decided to take. This is wonderful, as now you have confirmation that you are on the right track.  But other times you will hear suggestions that are opposite of what you have in mind. Does this mean the reader is wrong? No. What it means is that the reader is not receiving from spirit the suggestions that you have in mind.  Quite frankly, a good psychic medium might be able to figure out what he or she thinks you want to hear, and make you very happy by repeating your own ideas back to you. But this would not be an honest reading.  A credible reader will tell you the advice that she hears even if you are likely to disagree.  The point of an intuitive reading is to tell you honestly what is coming through from spirit.  I have always found that spirit only gives us advice that is uplifting and helpful, never negative.  So if  you choose an educated and experienced reader, with good references and referrals,  you should get an honest and compassionate reading. If you do not agree with the advice, take your time to consider what has been said after the reading. If you spend your time arguing with the reader, you have wasted your time and money.

To learn more about readings, I suggest you read my short book called HOW TO GET A GOOD READING FROM A PSYCHIC MEDIUM.  I wrote this book because so many people called with questions about readings. This book is not all about me, but about YOU, the prospective client. You will learn about the different kinds of readings, and also about your role in a reading.  With this information under your belt you are likely to have a good experience and get a good reading.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




1. annewhitaker - April 13, 2010

Hi Carole ( I’ve already left a comment on your other article )

greetings from Scotland!

I thought your readers might like to read about my many paranormal experiences on my new site “Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness” : http://dazzlingdarkness.wordpress.com

This is a memoir, in serialised form, with a new story appearing every week, which will conclude with a long reflection on how such experiences might be reconciled with the most recent findings of science.

I hope that my openness will help others who seem also to be ‘porous’ to intermittent paranormal intrusion, to be more accepting and at peace with what many people’s recorded experiences over many centuries appears to validate: that there are more Realities than one in our small corner of the cosmos….

With all good wishes
Anne Whitaker

ps if you would like us to trade links, let me know!

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