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Need a Kick in the “Rut?” March 9, 2010

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Do you feel stuck, bored, and a bit depressed? If you are in a rut, get in touch with your inner spirit and walk and dance right out of your rut onto higher grounds where you will take off with a positive life once again.  A rut is a temporary downspace that we all fall into sometimes.   Once we realize we are IN a rut, it is time for the inner alarm to ring and automatically turn on the Rut Removal System.


Part A: Walk~n~ Dance Rut Removal

1.  Talk to your inner spirit as your spirit is never in a rut. Ask your inner spirit to speak to your mind and body and give them a good kick in the “rut” if you know what I mean.

2. Now that your mind and body has been informed that you are in rut,  make a firm decision to go up now, rather than continuing on a downward spiral. YOU are a winner, not a loser, and while winners get into ruts, they do not STAY in them.

3.  Get out some good walking shoes and if you have one, an ipod with your favorite walking and dancing music. Set 30 minutes a day to put your music around your neck or on your wrist and get moving.  Let your loved ones know that you do not want to hear about any problems during your thirty minute rut removal time.  This is YOUR time to let your mind and body relax.   If you have physical challenges that do not allow you to walk or dance, then customise the rut removal plan so that it works for you. Some great and mood lifting exercises are done by people in wheel chairs.

Part B

Rut Prevention

1. Identify your “rut triggers.”   What sends you into rutsville in the first place?  Is it sitting around too much, eating too much and hating the way you look? Is it being with people you do not want to spend so much time with? Do you dislike your job?  Realizing that even asking these questions can put any of us into a rut, they are important questions to ask.  As we take an honest look at our lives, we can begin to make changes.  Some changes are quick changes: you CAN drag yourself away from the computer or TV.   Others may take a year or so: it CAN take time to find a new job and if a relationship is not serving you well,  it takes time to either improve the communication in your relationship or make a decision to withdraw from the relationship.  Whatever time it takes, we all feel better when we can look at our lives and work towards the life of our dreams.

2. Once you know your “rut triggers”  and you are in the process of changing your life, you simply have to deal with the tiny day by day, hour by hour ruts that are easy to climb out of.  Check in with yourself every few hours and ask “How am I feeling?”  If the answer is “in a rut”  then it is time to do a  Thirty Second Rut Removal Technique. Here are some suggestions.

  • As you inhale, think the words “I inhale peace and happiness” and as you exhale think the words “I exhale frustration and boredom.”   Customise this exercise to meet the moment.  “I inhale relaxation and exhale anger” might work better in some moments. Or “I inhale silence and exhale noise.”  Make it up, mix it up and make it your own.
  • Imagine a place that you like to be: the beach, time with a special friend, or any other image that is relaxing and makes you feel better.  Play that image in your mind as if you are looking at pictures or videos. Become part of the scene.  Take 30 seconds to travel on the wings of your imagination.

You CAN get out of a rut.  All you have to know is that you are IN a rut, and then get out of it.  You are strong. You are creative. You are a winner. Call on your inner spirit to help you and you will be out of a rut in no time flat.

Carole Lynne-Spiritual Teacher





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