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The Nurturer Needs to be Balanced March 4, 2010

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Are you overly responsible for others? Do you feel the pain of everyone you know? Many of us who are extremely sensitive have to learn how to “turn it off” and stop feeling the pain of others so deeply.  Compassion is a wonderful quality and perhaps one of the most important feelings one person can have for another. But all feelings must be balanced. Too much of any feeling can throw a person out of balance. Sometimes we are overly involved with worry about others and  also too much worry about our own lives.

Those of us who work with the spiritual exercises in my book “Consult Your Inner Psychic” are working on getting in touch with the many qualities or “energies” we have within us.  We call one of the energies “The Nurturer.”  Following is the message to read when one feels that the quality of the Nurturer is getting out of balance.  This message has helped me alot and if you read this and it “speaks to you” I hope you will find it as helpful as I have.

Excerpt from Consult Your Inner Psychic

“I have been overly involved with the part of myself that is the Nurturer, and I need to step back. Too many of my thoughts are concerned with my problems, the problems of others, or the problems of the world.

Where have the carefree times gone? Where are those moments of total relaxation where I do not feel a care of worry? Where are the laughter, the song, and the dance of my life?

Am I so busy taking care of everything that comes into my path that I am losing the joy of living? Am I so obsessed with taking care of myself that I am not allowing myself to have any fun?

Nurturing myself, others, and my world should be a natural part of my life and not a part of life that becomes obsessive and anxiety producing. In this moment I realize that it is not good for me to spend so much time investigating every possible way to nurture myself. Right now I need to clear my mind of all thoughts and just relax.

In this moment I meditate on restoring balance to my life.”

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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