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Allow The Medium to Read For You February 24, 2010

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Clients who make “deals” with the spirits of their loved ones before having a reading are often disappointed.  What do I mean by making deals?  Let’s say the client wants to hear from her grandmother who is in spirit, and so before she has a reading with a medium, she prays to her grandmother and says “I will not believe it is you unless the medium picks up on a memory of the time we went on a roller coaster together.” 

When clients make deals like this with the spirits of their loved ones, they become obsessively focused on getting ONE particular piece of information from the medium and are often unable to hear all the good evidence that the medium is bringing.  Ultimately the reading becomes a very tense experience for both the client and the medium, and the reading may not go as well as it could have gone.   While sometimes the VERY piece of information will come through in a reading, it can also be that other information will come through that is just as convincing. But the client who becomes insistent on receiving one particular piece of information is often dissappointed.

I advise anyone who is going to have a reading with a medium to be open to the evidence that comes through.  A good medium will bring you many pieces of evidence that you can recognize as true. You may also get some evidence that you cannot identify as true at the moment, but that you will come to understand over time. And then, while many mediums do not like me to say this: we do make mistakes just as people in every other profession do.  In our case, we are communicating with a whole other dimension, and so there are bound to be some images we misinterpret.

Choose a medium who is well-educated and who has a good track record.  Do not choose a medium because he or she is instantly available or charges the lowest fee you have ever heard.  

Do your research and choose a medium you feel good about. Then when you have a reading, LET the medium read for you.  Listen to what is said.  While it is totally understanding that you may want a certain piece of information, remember that other evidence may come through that is just as important and possibly even more meaningful.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





1. annewhitaker - April 13, 2010

H Carole

thank you for this sensible and grounded post. After half a lifetime of spontaneous paranormal experiences, including varying encounters with mediumship, none of which I sought out, I decided to set up a website detailing these experiences and offering a reflective and rational analysis bringing in some of the iinsights of contemporary science. My objective is to help the many people who have had such experiences, but have hitherto been afraid to speak out, to make some peace with, and sense of, such occurrences. Perhaps you or your readers would like to check out the site, and the posts I am currently putting up on the theme of Mediumship.


All good wishes from Scotland
Anne Whitaker

Carole Lynne - April 14, 2010

Anne, thanks for your comments.

Carole Lynne

2. Beth - April 26, 2010

Hi Carole Lynne!
So many of your posts/thoughts really hit home for me! Thank you so much for posting them for everyone!

Beth Berry

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