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88 year old role model February 2, 2010

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This morning I had the opportunity to be part of a group that met for breakfast, and on my left sat an 88 year old man who has the excitment of a teen ager as he looks forward to the things he is going to do. He continues to exercise, write books, take pictures, and socialize with his friends.  He is a great companion to his partner, and you can tell that she greatly benefits from being in his presence.

The conversation at the breakfast table was one of those rare conversations where the energy around everyone at the table seemed to sparkle with radiance. 

It is amazing how the spirit of one person can sometimes touch others so deeply.  Being in this man’s presence is transforming.  And if I told him that, he would blush and probably think I have greatly exaggerated. 

This man does not call himself a philosopher or a spiritual teacher, but he is. 

I want to be like him as I grow old.  He is an incredible role model.

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