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The Warrior Within January 29, 2010

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As we meet life’s challenges, it is the energy of the Warrior Within that we can call on.

Excerpt from Consult Your Inner Psychic:

As we grow up, there comes a time when we begin to fight many of our own battles. For some of us, this time comes all too soon when we are the children of parents who are not able to protect us. Some of us have parents who are able to monitor with wisdom how much protection we need and who also have the ability to know when we need to start fighting our own battles. Ideally, all of us grow up and become independent and fight our own battles.

Those of us who want to hang on to the protection of others choose friends or mates who protect us. Or we choose ways of living in which we give up our authority and let others make our decisions and protect us.

The fullest life that is lived with the deepest integrity is that life in which the Warrior is able to live out its missions and destinies. The Warrior will not always choose the easiest route, but the path chosen will be the path of integrity.

When you need to survive difficult situations, it is the Warrior Within that needs to be called into action. When you are experiencing loss and it seems that life will never again be worthwhile, it is the Warrior who needs to spring into action, bringing you the energy of survival.

The Warrior takes steady steps, always alert as to what the next action needs to be. The Warrior does not throw its fists around, out of control. The Warrior knows instinctively what to do. The Warrior is the martial artist using the energy at hand perfectly and with great precision.

End of excerpt.

When I feel that life is getting me down, I call on the Warrior Energy and I feel empowered once again.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



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