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Youthful Living: Attitude and Herbs January 26, 2010

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What to feel as young as you can for the rest of your life?  It’s all a matter of attitude and herbs.

ATTITUDE:  Many of you already know that you are what you think you are.  The way you perceive a situation becomes your experience in that moment.  We can learn the most about attitude from people who cope with challenging situations such as death in the family, loss of job and home, and serious illness.  The brave warriors often tell us stories about how the biggest challenge they have ever faced, was their greatest gift, as they woke up to the fact that attitude is everything.  Those who face challenge with a good attitude feel young, no matter what the age may be.

HERBS: Many of you already know that you are what you eat.  Let’s add some boiled chinese herbs to the list of things to fix in the kitchen, and you may find yourself feeling younger than ever before.  Getting the right prescription from a chinese herbalist and buying the herbs can be a bit pricy but if we all cut out paying for junk food, and wasting money on clothes that get old hanging in the closet, we may find we can afford the herbs.

Attitude and Herbs: a path to youthful living.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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