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NEED More Stuff? December 6, 2009

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 Ok, so here we are again, about to go out and buy ourselves and others alot of things that we and they do not really need.  Well, that’s not fair, as many of us DO need more stuff, but these words are addressed to those of us, including myself, who do not need to have alot more things to clog up our closets and become “dustables” in our houses.  Of course if you like to dust, be my guest. If you like the air you breathe to be sprinkled liberally with dust, then clog up your house.  If you find it easier to find something to wear by going to the store, than digging through your overly packed closet be my guest.  OR you and I have another alternative: GIVE TO THE NEEDY.

If you have loved ones who have everything, consider giving to a charity in their name.  You can find a beautiful gift card and let your loved one know about the donation.  Along with your gift card for our loved one, give a simple inexpensive and consumable gift (such as flowers or a special jar of jam) to add your own personal touch.  

The holidays are a time of good will, and you can help many people in need by making this a time to go through your house and give everything you do not need to the Salvation Army or another charity organization near you. We will feel better when the holidays are over if we have helped the needy.  AND we can KEEP giving throughout the year. 

Psychic Medium and  Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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