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One-Task-Miracle December 2, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, practical action, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Priority.
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Would you like to regain your sanity or continue to function at your worst in a double/triple task world? Perhaps  you are accomplishing more tasks in less time, but is it worth losing the quality of life you had when you did one thing at a time? Not!

Regain your sanity by practicing the one-task-miracle.  Another word that we might use for this practice is mindfulness.  When you do one task at a time you can be mindful of what you are doing, and experience yourself doing the task. Whatever you are doing, you can enjoy.  Washing your hands can be a pleasurable experience if you pay attention.  Cooking can be a creative joy, when paying attention.

Are you tired of thinking about something else when a loved one is talking to you? Have your listening skills been on the decline?  And are you equally tired of talking to your loved ones while their minds are anywhere but on what you are saying?  Many of us need huge relationship adjustments in the area of communication.  We are not listening to each other the way we can if we learn to pay attention again.

Take time to plan your day so that you can be mindful throughout the day, as you complete tasks and have conversations.  You may find you are totally satisfied with your day, and do not need all the activities you thought you needed.   Perhaps it is our habitual double and triple tasking that creates the emptiness many of us feel: creating a feeling of needing more and more and more.  Once we practice the one-task-miracle we may find that we do not want to do as many things. We are no longer needy!

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