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Dreams as Teachers (3) November 30, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Dreams.

Sometimes we have precognitive dreams: dreams that show us an event in the future.  As one who does not believe that everything is predestined, I do believe some things are.  I know too many people who have had a dream about a situation, only to have it occur within the next few days.

But does this mean that every dream we have about the future will come true?

My answer would be a loud “NO.”  Many of our dreams are simply attempts to cope with the anxieties we have about our daily lives.  These dreams do not transform us like many spiritually based dreams, and these dreams do not tell the future.  So how are we to know the difference between a fear based dream and a true precognitive dream?  Sometimes it is extremely difficult to tell the difference.  Many fear based dreams are repetitive and one wakes from such a dream full of fear.  We call this kind of dream a nightmare.  In my experience,  a precognitive dream is not filled with so much emotion.  Instead, this dream has a simple message about something that is going to happen. One wakes from this dream with a feeling of wonder rather than fear.  The “energy” of a precognitive dream feels impersonal.

My suggestion is that you if you have a dream about what is going to happen in the future, be very careful before changing your plans because you had a dream of disaster.  If your dream has visions of something terrible that might happen, then you must make a decision about whether to follow the advice in your dream.  Should you cancel your trip? Tough decision: this becomes tricky and crazy-making. I have had many dreams about plane or car crashes, only to get on a plane or drive a car the next day that arrive safely at my destination.  Was my dream of disaster based on fear? Or was I dreaming about a plane or car that crashed somewhere else in the world?  It is difficult to know. One night I did have a dream about an earth quake. I got up and turned on the news. I figured I would prove to myself that the earthquake was “just a dream.”  When the TV came on there was a big red banner running across the bottom of the screen about an earth quake occuring across the globe from my house.  Coincedence? I do not know.

Rather than count on dreams, I count on the voice of my inner guidance to warn me when needed.  There have been times I have been driving, when my voice of inner guidance told me to slow down or pull over, when my physical eyes and ears could not see any reason to do so.  Obeying these warnings  saved me from being involved in accidents a number of times.  To this date, my dreams have not been a reliable source of information about accidents that may occur. And my dreams, while sometimes correct about the future, often do not give correct accounts of what will happen.  The voice of my inner guidance that speaks to me while in the waking state is a much better teacher when it comes to warning or advising me about the future.

That being said, my dreams are my best teacher when it comes to motivation and inspiration on the spiritual path.  Dreams as teachers on the spiritual path will be the subject of tomorrow blog.  Hope to see you then.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne






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