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Dreams As Teachers (P 1) November 28, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Cyberspace, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Priority.
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It is my belief that when we dream, we become aware of the realms our spirits travel in all the time, even when we are awake.  During waking hours, as we are concentrated on our conscious activity, we are not aware of the travels of our spirits.  When we are asleep, our conscious mind is not taking all of our attention, and so we become aware of these travels.

But you may ask, if our spirits are traveling even when we are awake, do they leave us? My sense is that our spirits, unlike our bodies, are able to be in many locations at the same time, and in fact the concept of locations does not really apply to the way our spirits see the greater universe. Our spirits know that we are all one, and so our spirits are part of the entire universe all the time.

Our dreams can teach us about ourselves. When you wake from a dream try to remember it.  While some of your dreams may be what I call “junk dreams” and do not have any spiritual messages for you, other dreams may be visitations from the spirits of your loved ones who have passed on into eternal life, or messages from your spirit that can be transforming for you, if you can let these messages become your teachers.

More on this topic tomorrow. In the meantime, have a good nights dream tonight.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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