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Polishing Grandmother’s Silver November 25, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Love, Uncategorized.

I remember Thanksgiving as a kid.  Grandma’s silver had to be polished for the occasion, and when we sat down at the Thanksgiving table, my mother told me each year, that the silver we were using belonged to my great-grandmother, and that my grandmother had left the silver to my mother.  It was not expensive silver: cheap silver plated,  but it was my great grandmother’s!

As a kid, I was bored hearing this same story every year. But as my mother got older and I knew she would not be around too many more years, my great grandmother’s silver started to become important to me. And when it was left to me, I was happy.

Tonight, I am polishing that same silver and thinking about all the women before me in my family who have polished silver the night before Thanksgiving.  Tonight I am not bored as I polish but intrigued as I think about how the spirits of all these women before me are around me today.  I am grateful to be a psychic medium who is able to be aware of the spirits of those who have passed on.  And quite frankly, they are often easier to get along with than many who are living LOL.  (Only kidding, sort of.)

It is wonderful to be aware of the full spectrum of the universe and know that the spirits of our loved ones are still with us, especially at Thanksgiving.

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