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Singing For The Soul November 18, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Love, Spiritual Priority, Uncategorized.

Music is the key to stress reduction.  When times are tough there is nothing better than listening to great music, playing instruments, dancing to music and singing.  Singing is particularly helpful during stressful times. If you want to be more relaxed and feel closer to the God of your understanding, open your mouth and sing. You do not have to be professional. All you have to do is sing.  And each time you sing, you will experience your breath in a new way.  Breath is life, and breath is singing.


Thirty years of my working life were spent teaching guitar and singing.  One night I had an incredible dream that was life changing for me and for many of the students I would teach thereafter.  I hope that as you read about this dream, a message from spirit, it will be life changing for you also.  In my dream I was teaching a voice class.  I turned to my students who were all sitting on the floor and asked “Why to you come to singing class week after week? Why do you devote time to practicing each week? What is it that makes you so committed to singing?”   The students looked at each other and then they looked at me as if I had just asked them insane questions? Then they answered in unison “BECAUSE SINGING MAKES US HAPPY!”   At that point in the dream,  my attention was drawn to a large sign on the wall. Written on this sign in big letters were the words “SINGING FOR THE SOUL.”

I woke from this dream with tears of happiness. I knew then and still know, that when I sing my heart opens and I receive Divine guidance.

Open your mouth and sing.  Sing in the shower if you like, or sing to a thousand people. It does not matter. Just sing and as the breath of songs flows from you, you will feel better.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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