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Grief Prison November 11, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, Grief, Spiritual Awakening, Uncategorized.
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This is one of a number of posts on grief by Carole Lynne.

Being in grief can be like being in prison.  You can be in grief prison for a year, or become a lifer.  The difference between being in grief prison and prisons for criminals, is that you and I have a certain amount of power over how long we want to be in grief prison. That being said, when we are in the deepest grief, it is not always possible to get out of grief prison quickly, but we do not have to remain there for life either.  It is possible to serve a term in grief prison, and when finished, go back to living a more joyous life.

Some of those in prison for criminals get used to prison life, and when they get out they cannot handle living in the world again. They commit another crime and end up right back in prison.   Some of us in grief prison do the same thing: being unhappy and upset becomes our way of living, the culture we are part of, and as we become comfortable in our life of grief, we cannot find a way to live again without our grief.

It is important we realize that feeling our grief is essential, but staying in grief for the rest of our lives is not.

Each one of us is an individual and the way we feel, express and cope with grief is based on our unique personalities. We must take the time we need to grieve, but eventually learn how to leave the road of grief and walk the road of joy again.   Unlike prisoners, we do not have to be suddenly released back into the life of freedom.  Even while we are in grief prison, we can start preparing for the times we will not be in grief all the time. We can take an hour each day to focus on something other than our grief.  Even buying a flower and gazing at it for fifteen minutes, can bring  joy.  If we can find ways to experience joy even while in grief, it will be so much easier to eventually find our way back to living a life of joy.


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





1. grievingwristbands - September 29, 2010

Very nice article Carole! Yes, it’s good to prepare for the days when we will have joy again. I’m going to post a link to and quote from this article on my blog if that’s OK at: http://www.GrievingWristbands@Wordpress.com

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[…] the road of grief and walk the road of joy again.”– Author Carole Lynne, from her Grief Prison article. A forest path in Redwoods State Park, […]

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