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Stay With The Dying November 4, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Spiritual Education.
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While you may think that your loved ones do not know you are there in their last hours of life, they do.  From my experience as a psychic medium communicating with the spirits of those who have passed over, I have come to believe that while the physical body and mind may not be functioning, the spirit within knows exactly what is going on during the last hours of life and as their spirits make a transition to eternal life. 

I have had spirits come through during mediumistic readings with clients, and tell us how they passed and who was in the room.  For instance one man, whose spirit had just passed on, was able to put an image in my mind of a scene that took place by his bedside:   he was there with my client (an older woman having the reading,) and a young woman with a different color hair.  There were enough details that my client and I believe that the spirit of this man was aware, even though his body and mind had shut down.  The reason for telling this story is so that you will realize how much comfort you are bringing to your dying loved one, even though you may not think your loved one knows you are there.

Coping with our grief is extremely difficult when we know a loved one is passing. But it is terribly important for the spirit of our loved one, if we can give all that we can to our loved one during the dying process and after the spirit has left the physical body.   Our loved one needs our love and prayers at the time of death and for months afterwards.   In fact, we may even be able to cope with our own grief better, if we know that the spirit of our loved one can receive our prayers and our love.

As the spirit leaves the body and makes a transition into eternal life, the spirit is met by the spirits of those who have already passed on.  It is quite common in a mediumistic reading, for a spirit who has recently passed, to let me know who was there when the spirit passed over.  Recently in a reading, a spirit made me aware that there was a spirit with him who when alive, had serious surgery.  My client knew exactly who this spirit was, as she remembered when this person had the surgery.

The details that the spirit is able to get across through a medium, lets us know that they can truly communicate with us. And of course the larger understanding then is that life is continuous.  Our spirits live on and therefore we do not die.

How to cope with our own grief? It is very difficult, but one of the best ways to cope is to extend our prayers to those in spirit, and to know that they do receive our prayers.  Just as in daily life, as we help others, we feel better. As we help those in spirit, we also feel better. And as those in spirit become accustomed to eternal life, they will make spiritual visitations and help us.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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