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Acupuncture Plus October 19, 2009

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As a woman almost sixty-nine years old, I send my love and thanks to the practitioners of acupuncture.  When I have had physical challenges, it has always been acupuncture and boiled Chinese herbs that have brought me back into good health.

For those of you who have never had an acupuncture treatment, let me assure you that the tiny tips of the needles that are placed under your skin, do not hurt.  It is not like getting a shot or vaccination. Yes, at times you can feel the tip of the needle as it is inserted, but it is a momentary “ping” and then you do not even feel the needle.  What you will feel is an energy of relaxation begin to spread from one end of your body to the other. And you will realize that you are more than your physical body. This treatment is balancing your entire energy system.   You may drift off to sleep during the treatment of simply relax into beautiful thoughts and waking dreams. When the treatment is over you may find that whatever aches and pains you walked in with are gone or diminished.

Why acupuncture PLUS?  Because it is the acupuncture PLUS the boiled herbs that have for me, produced miracles. Okay, so the herbs do look a little strange and you may not appreciate the smell in the kitchen while you boil your weeks supply for a good hour and a half.  And when you drink a portion each day, you may not find the flavor to be your favorite.  But WOW, after taking herbs for only a few days, you may notice how much better you feel.  And if you take boiled herbs regularly week after week, check out your skin, hair and finger nails.  I bet you will notice an improvement!!!

Yes, these treatments are not cheap, but if you are having a health challenge, or simply do not feel that energetic, it might be worth considering what else you can give up in your life in order to pay for the treatments.  And if you have absolutely no money for treatments, this may be the time to tell everyone not to give you birthday presents, but instead to put money into your “Acupuncture and Herbs” piggy bank.

Acupuncture and herbs make a HUGE difference!  Take these treatments and feel better.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



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