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Beyond Intellectual Discussions October 16, 2009

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When we try to understand higher levels of consciousness and spiritual realms and planes that cannot be seen with the physical eyes, we go around and around in intellectual discussions.  Ultimately it may be that the only way to understand Higher Consciousness is to go beyond mind and experience this level of consciousness.

Here is a quote from the writings of Sri Aurobindo, from a small booklet entitled “The Riddle of this World.”

“But it is better not to enter into sterile intellectual discussions. The intellectual mind cannot even realize what the supermind is; what use, then, can there be in allowing it to discuss what it does not know? It is not be reasoning, but by constant experience, growth of consciousness and widening into Light that one can reach those higher levels of consciousness above the intellect from which one can begin to look up to the Divine Gnosis”

copyright Sri Aurobindo Society 1933

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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