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Become the Warrior October 15, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Author Carole Lynne, practical action, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Education, Uncategorized.

psychic5a.epsIn tough times, we need to call on the Warrior Energy that is part of each one of us. While this name is a label given to a particular energy, labels are created for a reason.  As human beings we need words to describe the reality of our lives.  And the label “Warrior” represents a very real and powerful vibration that each one of us can attract.

The Warrior when activated for positive living, is an energy that can motivate us to rise to any occasion to solve problems. The Warrior Energy can help us keep looking for a job, if we are jobless, stay on a diet, if we are overweight, remind ourselves to be kind, if we are being unreasonable with our loved ones, and motivate us to remember that each one of us is a spark of Divine Consciousness.

The Warrior when activated for negative living can cause fights, wars, and generally ruin our lives and the lives of others.

The Warrior Energy is a powerful energy and when you evoke it always evoke it for the highest good of yourself and everyone around you.

Here is an excerpt from the Warrior Energy as channeled in “Consult Your Inner Psychic.”

excerpt from page 41:

“The fullest life that is lived with the deepest integrity is that life in which the Warrior is able to live out its missions and destinies. The Warrior will not always choose the easiest route, but the path chosen will be the path of integrity.

When you need to survive difficult situations, it is the Warrior Within that needs to be called into action. When you are experiencing loss and it seems that life will never again be worthwhile, it is the Warrior who needs to spring into action, bringing you the energy of survival.”

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





1. "bipolar girl" - October 16, 2009

Nice post!

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