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New Birth IN This Life October 14, 2009

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Cosmic_Connection  Front CoverCycles of Rebirth: From Old Me to New Me

Words from My Guidance

Plumbs ripen just as they are supposed to,

and the sweet smell fills the air.

Allow yourself the ripeness of the journey.

Allow yourself the pungent ordor, even though at times you may fear that you are rotting..

You are not rotting.

You are simply falling away into a greater existence.

And that which you are shedding will simply go back into the Universal Energy and be used by someone else.

It never belonged to you anyway.

It was only a fantasy, a fiction, used for a certain time.

You can call on your remembrance of it occasionally and play with it, if you like.

But the real core of your soul will be coming through now, and that is how you will be living.

It is okay.

(excerpt from Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. Copyright 2009 by Carole Lynne


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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