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Fearless October 6, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Love, practical action.
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This is a time in history when we must become fearless: like spiritual warriors on the path.  The media has become a haven for manufacturing fear, and those of us who are sensitive to energies and vibrations from other realms than the merely physical realm which can be seen, this is a time to practice caution when watching the news.  The news is daily spewing out negative and fearful energies.  It is also not good for us to stick our heads in the sands of denial and stop reading or watching the news. It IS a time to choose news programs wisely and take what is said with a grain (or perhaps a tablespoon full) of salt!

This is both a difficult and extremely exciting time in history.  If you are interested in helping to solve the problems of the world, this is YOUR time to swing into action.  The me-me-me vibes of past times are dissolved, and it is now time for us to understand WE ARE ALL ONE.

Get involved in community action and even if you do not have enough money, share as much as you can with charities who feed and house those who have nothing.   Do not hoard what you have out of fear of the future.

If you feel fearful, focus on the Light of the Divine, and you will experience the transformation of your fear into powerful energies that can be helpful to our world.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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