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Peaceful and Serene in India? September 17, 2009

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Right now I am in Chennai, India and just received an IM from a friend in Florida who told me to enjoy the peaceful and serene times in India.  I laughed when I read this IM as I just took a ride from the seaside into the city of Chennai that made a taxi ride in New York City look like a peaceful stroll in the park.  My ride was hectic, with horns honking to a fantastic beat, creating musical textures that one can only understand if one has been riding down the busy streets in India.

Right now I am not finding my time in India peaceful, but incredibly exciting.

Next week I will spend time at the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry India, and one would think an Ashram would be peaceful, but to be honest, when I have visited this Ashram before, I find the people very busy, working hard to help others with their many community projects.  I love this place because of all the work they do for others.  Spiritual life for them does not involve continual contemplation of one’s navel!

One can not generalize about India or any other place.  One can find all kinds of people in most places and different kinds of emotional environments.  And we cannot find peace in any particular place.  At this point in my life I have traveled quite a bit, and the most important thing I have learned is that I can only find peace within myself.  I can be in India or I can be home back in the Boston area.  Peace is within. 

I can find peace when I get home. Right now I am just having a blast being in high gear.

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The city of Channai, formerly called Madras, is a hard working, changing, upcoming center in the world.  I have been coming to this city for the past ten years, and it is growing and changing every day. Of course there are places in India where one can find calm and peace.  But there are places in any city where one can find the same.  Channai is a city on the move and on the way up econmomically.



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