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Pamper Yourself, with FRESH Food September 15, 2009

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Comforting ourselves with food is a dangerous activity.  We all need to eat to survive and be healthy.  It is all to easy to eat the wrong foods and gain unwanted pounds.  Fat laden food may comfort us momentarily (a la donuts and cake) but in the long run, do not bring the energy and vibration we need.

Pamper Yourself by eating FRESHLY COOKED FOOD

In our busy lives, it is all to easy to eat left overs or grab take out food.  This food has no “energy” and does not bring us the sense of comfort that we need.  Fresh food makes you feel good while you prepare it, and the fragrant aroma is also comforting.  While a donut may give you a quick high,  there is nothing more comforting than home cooked food.  Try to arrange your schedule so that you have time to cook.  Prepare lunch in the morning if need be.

The following advice is for all of us, especially myself, as I can tend to overeat in order to relax.

Take care of yourself with good food.

Here are some suggestions for comfort foods that do not have alot of calories.

BREAKFAST: Indian Spice Egg White Scramble

Beat the whites of three or four eggs until frothy and mix in a teaspoon of dry turmeric and dry cumin.  I hear that these spices are very good for most of us, and they give the egg whites a nice taste.  Spray a little Pam into a non stick fry pan, and when the pan is hot, heat up a half cup of veggies. When the veggies are hot, add the spiced egg whites and scramble with the veggies.  Top with several sprays of Braggs Liquid (find at your health food store) for flavor and for amino acids, without calories.   Skip the toast and this is a great and comforting breakfast.

LUNCH:  Veggies Galore 

Cut up veggies into small piece and steam until tender but  not mushy.  I like green beans, mushrooms, summer squash, onions and green peppers.  Stir in a bit of cooked brown rice and some kind of protein: chicken or fish, or if you are vegetarian a soy protein.  Add a bit of Braggs Liquid and you have a delicious lunch. 

Dinner:  Larger or smaller version of lunch

If you had a large lunch, have a small dinner or visa versa.  Create a meal with veggies, rice or noodles and some kind of protein.  Use whatever spices you like. I personally use the Indian spices as they are most satisfying and I can get more taste out of a smaller amount of food.   If you like your food spicy, add some yogurt to the meal.  If you have not had any fruit during the day, top off this meal with fresh fruit.

The right foods can be VERY comforting.

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