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FROZEN IN TIME September 2, 2009

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Today a man in a coffee house in Glastonbury, England complained about the fact that when you visit Stonehenge, you are not allowed to go near the massive stones.  Years ago, one could walk up to the stones as one would walk into a church or temple.  Now one cannot get near the stones.  This young man said ” They are freezing Stonehenge into the past.  But it is part of the present and they are not letting us use it.”  I tried to reason with him, explaining that the “authorities” are trying to protect an incredible site from vandalism.  Nothing I said mattered and as this young man kept talking, I began to understand what he was saying.

Finally I said “build your own stone circle.”  He laughed and said he did not have the people who could complete such a project.   A cup of coffee later, we agreed that sand mandalas are the best way to go, as you can create these beautiful spiritual expressions and then sweep them away. You do not have to worry about the mortgage, fixing the roof or vandalism.

Our whole conversation left me thinking about how difficult it is for us to maintain all of our spiritual organizations and institutions because we have to cope with politics, maintaining buildings, staff, boards of directors, etc — etc — etc!    If I create a beautiful picture or image out of sand, it can be blown or swept away, but the experience I have while creating the picture will always be with me.

It IS great to see Stonehenge, but something IS lost as it has become a tourist site.  It is frozen in time as the young man commented. BUT still very impressive and beautiful.  Ice sculptures anyone?

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