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Worry: Toss It August 26, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, Grief, Love, practical action, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritualism Religion, spirituality in action, Uncategorized, Worries.
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” Worry: Toss It”  Those words sound trite and impossible. How in the world are we able to toss worry, especially when we are surrounded by personal problems and are surrounded by headlines on TV and on the Internet, designed to get our attention FAST as they are all about problems.

The only way to “toss” worry is to practice mindfulness and be aware of each moment.  The real truth is that our problems do not invade every moment of our lives, unless we work hard to make sure they do so.  If you look outside and see a beautiful bird and really allow yourself to focus on the bird and hear its lovely song, your problems will not consume that moment. If you have a grandchild who jumps into your lap and nearly knocks you off your chair, you can enjoy the laughter and your worries will not consume that moment unless you make sure to worry as you laugh.

Tossing worry does not mean that we do not confront our problems and take whatever steps we need to take to pay our bills, take care of our health, and be of service to members of our family who have serious health problems.  To toss worry means to take practical actions to make our lives more manageable and then the rest of the time, stop worrying and have a good time!

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Writer Carole Lynne





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