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LOVE this book by John Kabat-Zinn August 21, 2009

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I picked up a copy of Letting Everything Become Your Teacher by John Kabat-Zinn.  One of the things this great author points out is that the map is not the journey. In other words, a map may be a drawing or plan of places you want to go, but you have to actually take the journey to go to these places on the map.  This seems obvious, but often this simple truth teases us and allows us to rationalize.

For instance, it feels good to make plans and even write down a commitment to meditate each day, or to exercise,  or to eat a healthy diet.  But the list of things we want to do for ourselves, is only a list.  Unless we take the action and actually meditate, do the exercise, and eat healthy meals, then absolutely nothing has happened except that a list has been made. Sometimes we feel great when we make our “to do” lists of items that will improve our lives and if we are not careful those good feelings may get in our way of taking the actions on the list.

Get this book.  It is a small and inexpensive book of excerpts from Full Catastrophe Living.  This is a book I am going to read and re-read. It is one of those books I want in the glove compartment of my car in case I want to read it between errands.

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