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Caretakers: Reward Yourself August 20, 2009

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Many of us spend a large percentage of time taking care of others: our children, grandchildren and elderly members of the family.  We also have responsibilities to our partners, our pets and if we work, our bosses. AND if we are in our own business, we are responsible to the entire staff and the clients we serve.  Sometimes as we wade through all our responsibilities we forget to be responsible for ourselves.  In our exhaustion we eat and drink things that are not good for us, and do not find the time to exercise and relax.

As caretakers we must realize that we are just as important as those we care for.  Here are some suggestions for successful care taking:

Resist the temptation to be a hero. 

If you find yourself talking about how you are taking a problem on your shoulders with no ones help, this is a clue that you are not managing the situation well.  And some of us subconsciously like to be the hero so that people will think well of us or feel sorry for us.  Do not play the role of the hero. Talk to members of the family and insist that everyone do their fair share of the work.  And if you are in a situation where there is no family to help you, then inquire within your community to find out what public services may be available to you that you have not known about. Do not let pride keep you from asking for help when you need it.   Divide the work.  Get help. This is the more spiritual approach as you will be taking care of yourself.

Reward Yourself Each Day 

It is amazing how far a little self respect can go.  If you respect yourself, you will find a way to get some pleasure out of each day, even the toughest of days.  Rewards do not always have to be expensive or fattening!  For instance, on your way to take care of a chore that is not particularly pleasant, you might stop someplace for five minutes to gaze at a beautiful site such as a pond, a garden of flowers or a sunset.  Or you might keep a favorite book of poetry in your car, and take three minutes to read one of your favorite poems.  Taking several minutes to refresh yourself can make all the difference.  As you reward yourself, you will be uplifted and ready to take on whatever tasks await you.  If you do not reward yourself, you will be resentful, unhappy and exhausted. 

It is not always easy for us to remember to reward ourselves.  Perhaps when we are making out our lists of what we need to do each day, we can add “reward myself.”

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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