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“E” Path to Health August 18, 2009

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Eat Healthy Food: In today’s world of packaged and fast food, it is all to easy to eat alot and yet get very little nutrition.  If you want to stay healthy, take the time to buy fresh food and cook it at home. This takes planning and an effort on the part of everyone in the household.  Remember that kids can help peel potatoes or prepare the fresh green beans for cooking. Or if you live alone, perhaps you can trade home cooked meals with a friend.  You may wonder how you can possibly find the time to cook, but you must in order to stay healthy.  Give up an hour you spend on the computer or watching TV and cook.

Exercise Regularly: Choose an exercise that works for you, depending on your natural athletic abilities and your age. If you are 65 then swimming may be better for you than roller skating.  Be careful as you exercise so that you do not end up with an injury that makes it impossible to exercise.  Many people like to exercise but do not like to stretch before and after exercising.  A lack of stretching can often lead to injury.  Also find ways to exercise whenever possible,  by walking places rather than driving.  Take on pr0jects such as cleaning out the garage or basement.  All of these physical projects around the house burn calories and keep us healthy.  If you are wealthy enough to have people do all your house and yard work for you,  then you better be using the extra time for some other kind of exercise.  If not, you are better off cleaning your own house and moving your own lawn.

Enrich Your  Spiritual Life

If you are part of an organized religion or spiritual group, attend meetings and events. Take part in the spiritual activities. If you prefer to create your own individual spiritual practices, then set time aside each week to read, pray, meditate and do the activities that you find help you feel closer to the God of your understanding.  Always look for motivation to stay motivated and positive about life. Read motivational books, and when possible, attend seminars. Even if you have read alot of books and attended alot of seminars,  keep doing it because you need new ideas and motivation in order to stay positive.

Evaluate Your Health: Do not stick your head in the sand and avoid knowing what is happening to your physical body.  Have a  physical exam once a year and get whatever tests your doctor suggests. In our world today there are incredible treatments for all kinds of conditions. If you do not know you have a health condition, then you cannot get treated. We have all cried in sorrow about a loved one who could have lived many more years if only he or she had been willing to see the doctor.  Go to the doctor on a regular basis.

STAYING HEALTHY takes experimentation, discipline and life long commitment.  What works for one person may not work for the other.  All of our health practices do take time, and so we may need to give up some of our activities in order to have time to eat well, exercise, do our spiritual practices and see the doctor.  But what is more important than your health?

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