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Check In with Yourself August 10, 2009

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It is impossible to change a habit without checking in with yourself through out the day, through out the week, through out the month.

We make commitments, and get all fired up about them, but then we get DISTRACTED! Our good intentions go right out the window, because we are distracted by our desires.  The plans we made to exercise each day are forgotten because we suddenly just have to do this and have to do that: none of which have anything to do with exercise.

You all remember the old advice to tie a string around your finger or wrist to remind yourself to do something or not to do something.  I used to remind myself to do things by putting those little round colorful stickers on my desk, on the mirror and any place else I would be sure to see them. I got bored with all those little dots, so now I use another method.  I like to choose a spiritual phrase and repeat it to myself through out the day.  Some days I use the words “Be peaceful.”  Whenever I say these words, I am reminding myself to do the things I need to do for my well being: exercise, diet and relaxation.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not.  Even though I try my hardest, I fail sometimes.  I don’t do my workout, or  eat the wrong foods. And I am NOT peaceful.  I try but sometimes I am TOTALLY  NOT peaceful!

My higher self reminds me that I am a spirit living in a physical body.  My body is the temple for my soul and so I need to take care of my body. My higher self knows much more that the “personality level” of myself knows. I try to listen to my higher self. But I do get distracted and when that happens, I am sometimes off on the wrong track.

When I check in with myself, I am back on track. I am able to listen to my higher self and life improves.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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