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Sexuality and Spirituality July 28, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Love, Spiritual Awakening.
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Does one has to give up their sexual life in order to be more spiritual?   When presented with this question recently,  I said “While in some religions and spiritual paths celibacy becomes an important step on the spiritual path, in my personal view, one can progress spiritually without having to be celibate.”

For me, the essence of sexuality and spirituality all come from the same Divine source.   As human beings living in physical bodies, we are able to communicate with our minds, our spirits and our bodies.  Sexual experience is part of life and of course, makes it possible for more human beings to be born into the physical world of matter.  It goes without saying that sexual relationships should be enjoyed at the right time, with the right person, and with the safety precautions that we must observe in today’s world of sexually transmitted diseases.

From my perspective, part of spirituality is the acceptance of the many paths of sexuality including heterosexual, homosexuality, and bisexuality.  And it is just as important to be accepting of those who choose celibacy as part of the spiritual path.

Sexuality is a controversial topic among religions because all religions do not have the same values.  It is my hope that those of us who are comfortable with the fact that individuals vary as to their sexual preference,  can find a way to accept people who cannot, because of their religious beliefs, be tolerant of our more liberal views.   It is extremely painful to be accepting of someone who is not accepting of you, but if we become as intolerant as those we label “intolerant,” then we have an even larger problem to solve worldwide.

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