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WHERE is the Spiritual Path? July 16, 2009

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“On a personal level, how would you define your spiritual path?”   That is the question we discussed in my spiritual development class last evening. Many had interesting and thought provoking answers.

One man said that exploration of the spiritual path led him to his heart. A woman said that walking on the spiritual path leads her to be “in the moment” each day.

A woman in her seventies said that her spiritual path has finally led her to peace within. She talked to us about the fact that she does not get angry any more.  She forgives people quickly and moves on in her life.  She also talked to me after class about how her life changed when she recently survived an illness. She told me that as she lay in the hospital, her whole life changed. She decided not to let things bother her anymore.

Many of us in traumatic situations have moments of truth.  We realize that each day of life we have is a gift.

Can we through gratitude, find the spiritual path to peace without having to wait until we have traumatic experiences or near death experiences?  Perhaps we can if we remember to be grateful for each day of life, everyday.

A Morning Prayer

Thank you for another day of life on earth. May I use this day in a way that brings joy to others.  May I experience peace within.

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