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Love Yourself At Your Current Weight….then start losing! July 13, 2009

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Need to lose weight?

Love Yourself At Whatever Weight You Are: Too many of us dislike ourselves and put off doing things we want to do “until we lose weight.”  It can take some of us years to lose the weight we want to lose.   We are NOT our weight. The spirit within does not have a particular weight.  Each one of us has a beautiful spirit that is a spark of the Divine, no matter what we weigh.  YES, work towards being the weight you want to be, but love yourself at all times.

Carrying around extra pounds puts more stress on our knees, feet, back and our hearts.  Each one of us is a spirit living in a physical body, and we have an obligation to take care of our these temples of the soul: our physical bodies.

Following are some healthy tips for weight loss.

Diet the Old Fashioned Way and Count Calories: While there may be many fancy smancy diets around, it ultimately comes down to calories consumed and calories burned.  SparkPeople.com has a wonderful FREE website where it is easy to count calories.  Log on anywhere you can find a computer and find out how many calories you have consumed so far today so that you can make wise choices for the rest of the day.  Decide how many calories you can have each day, and do not go over that amount.

Eat 4 or 5  Smaller Meals: Three small meals and two snacks should keep any one from having hunger pangs.  Make sure that each meal is balanced with protein and carbohydrate.  Also,  eat  snacks that are healthy.  Snack on  low fat dairy products and fruits and veggies.

Avoid Take Out Food Whenever Possible: Unless you can read the nutritional values for the take out food you are about to purchase, do not buy take out.  Only buy take out when you are happy with the nutritional values: the calories, fat, salt content, and sugars.  Learn to keep food at home that is easy to carry. In other words, take your own food out with you, instead of buying take out.   You will lose pounds and save money.

Budget Treats: Decide how many times a week you will allow yourself a treat.   Develop a “treat budget” and do not spend more than you have in your budget.  All of us need a treat once in awhile.  However, it is impossible to lose weight if we have too many treats. Save the treats for times you are going to someones house for dinner or eating out.

Have Realistic Expectations: Do not expect to lose weight quickly.  Lose weight slowing and KEEP it off.  Lose five pounds and maintain that weight for a few months. Then lose another five pounds. If you have over 70  pounds to lose, get medical help.

Reminder:  Love Yourself at Your Current Weight and then love yourself as you lose each pound. You CAN do it!!!!



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