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Walking the road that comes to you…. June 13, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Spiritual Awakening.
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Excerpt from Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World ~ “Walk the road that comes to you. Do not choose it. Do not follow it. Do not find it. Simply walk it as it comes to you. It will curve. It will bend. At times it will disappear from under your feet. And you will fly instead of walk.” ~

When I channeled those words, my first reaction was “No, I am in control of my life and I am empowered.” But as I allowed the words to penetrate, I realized that at the times when the road disappears from under my feet, I have the opportunity to fly.  I can choose to struggle to get back on the road, or I can fly and experience the adventures that are there for me. I will land on that road again all too soon.

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1. Ron M. - June 23, 2009

With all the general planning that we do for our lives, trying to map it out from the onset of our careers into retirement, we still find many paths and avenues to take that will help us achieve our destinations.

Walking these avenues, sometimes strolling them and taking a respite from the busi-ness that life can offer, allows us to view life from many different angles. I find the key for me is to be open to new experiences.

At one time in my life I had extremely rigid ideas of what life was like, very dogmatic. I am so happy that I have expanded my ideas to include pathways I never would have considered. The experiences I have had on these journeys have perhaps provided me with the best way for me to understand what my life is about.

When we know what our own life is about that may be enough. What is the worry over the life of someone else? We cannot take responsibility for them? The best we can offer is wisdom from the examples found in our own lives by walking the paths that come to us.

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