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Pulling yourself together when you are a nervous wreck June 10, 2009

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Some days I feel grounded and other days it is as if I am splitting off in ten directions at the same time. I see myself coming and going.  When in this state, I am ultimately exhausted.  I am learning how to avoid this shattered state by paying attention to what has been called in my channeling sessions: “Energy Leaks.”  When guidance is given during these channeling sessions, it is often given to the three of us (myself, Ron and Bob) so that we can lead more productive lives. We find the guidance to be good, at times extremely evidential (facts about our lives come through that I- Carole Lynne- do not know).

We are told to avoid energy leaks by noticing when a leak begins to occur. In that moment, we need to stop what we are doing and ground ourselves. But how? The following story will illustrate what is working for me when I need to ground myself.

Yesterday was a disaster at times.  I am sure that if a psychic who can see energy clearly were to have been observing me, s/he would have seen energy leaking all over the place.  But the good news is that I was aware of what was happening, and several times throughout the day, stopped for a minute and visualized that I was pulling all of the parts of my energetic self that were at the moment going in ten directions, back into my energetic body so that I was now whole and in one piece again.  I saw each of these parts of myself as a circle of energy, and I was pulling them all back to the central circle, which is “me.”  The visualization worked for me and I felt much better until I began falling apart again. I repeated the visualization and each time it was helpful.  Because it was a tough day, I needed to do this visualization through out the day.

Today, knowing what a difficult day I had yesterday, was a morning for me to do some exercise first thing, to try to avoid any difficulties today.  Exercise works for me and is just as important as the quick visualizations I do when I feel like I am beginning to go in too many directions at once.

It is also important for me to avoid too much double and triple tasking. I am GREAT at doing many things at once, but the price that I will pay for that an hour later, is simply not worth it.   I am finding it is better to discipline myself to do one thing at a time, so that my mind is focusing on only one thing.

If you would like to read more of the guidance I have received check out my new book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. The messages that have come to me have been life changing and perhaps will be for you also.


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