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The Spiritual Evolution of the Human Race June 1, 2009

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Today is Monday June 1 and I heard Shaddhalu Renade speak in New York City on Wednesday night May 27. I am still deeply involved in my memories of the event.  Those in the audience wanted to hear something encouraging:  words of pr0mise that our planet and the human race will survive.  No matter what the question, Shaddlalu spoke of the need for human beings to reach a higher state of awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Having lived most of his life at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India and having studied the many works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, he speaks from the heart about the need for the human race to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. While I hesitate to talk about what he said, as I cannot quote him exactly, I am giving you my impression of his talk.

Many of those who attended seemed to be connected to organizations that are trying to make a difference in the world.  William Gellerman was there. He is the principal of the United Nations Climate and Energy Caucus. I cannot tell you what is in the deep thoughts of this man, but as he asked questions about our world, to me, he was seeking reassurance.

As I sat and listened, I knew in my heart that there is no reassurance.  The future of the world is in our hands.   We have not yet found a way to live together without war, pollution and poverty. And yet, if the world made up its mind to behave differently, we would find that there is enough food to go around, better ways to use energy, and ways to settle our differences without killing each other. But so far, we are a human race that has not yet  risen to the spiritual level needed for us to really change our ways. We make small changes. However, larger changes are needed now.  If we decide to make larger changes, we will as we have the power to change.

Many of us just accept that people will always fight with each other and it is understandable that each man and woman be out for themselves.  But it is this level of consciousness that has created a world that frightens many of us. Many of us accept our behaviors as human nature.  But human nature has been evolving for millions of years, so is it not possible for us to keep evolving, and make changes for a better world?

While positive thinking is all well and good,  and every one of us wants to be successful in our work, what can each of us do to change the world? Some of us do not want to keep bringing up world problems because there is the potential for people to think we are negative. Plus we know that people would rather hear happy thoughts rather than face problems. But ultimately each one of us may be truly happy if we feel we are doing all we can for the world.  Behind all our positive thinking and happy sounds is a background of world problems that need to be solved.  Sometimes we need to tune out those problems. But it may be in facing these problems that we can find a deeper happiness.

Many of us who work with others are trying to help our clients be successful and happy. But what about the whole world?  When faced with this question, I sometimes am able to cope with it and make plans for the things I can do to be helpful to the world, but another part of me does not want to give up my life and things I want to do to spend time on the problems of the world. I am sure many of you have this same conflict.

Shaddhalu was calm when he talked about the world.  He spoke about how many people are beginning to be more aware that we are all part of the Divine Consciousness. I walked away from the evening feeling that humanity and our earth is not about to disappear, but that we are in a serious crisis and we need to start paying more attention to our spiritual development.  It is only through spiritual unfoldment that we will become a human race that is capable of making different choices than we do now.

As I have said, I cannot quote him exactly and there is no video of this talk.  But to better understand his point of view about live, find his youtube  videos and listen to him.

I was very touched by listening to Shaddhalu.  However, having these deep feelings will mean nothing if I am not moved to take actions that are helpful to the world.

How do you feel about helping the world, and what actions can you take?

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World





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