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Predicting the Future: Possible or Impossible? May 21, 2009

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Like most things in life, the answer lives on a fine line, somewhere in between “possible” an “impossible.” Yes, there are premonitions that all of us have that come true.  Yes, there are revelations people have had about the future, that have come true.  But this does not mean that everything is destined and predictable.  It is unfortunate, but many people give their power away as they cling to the words of people who do readings and tell these people exactly what their future is.

A spiritually advanced reader can help a client create the future they want, and can at times through the grace of the Infinite Spirit obtain predictions about the future, but in my opinion, no reader can always predict what is going to happen, because everything is not predestined.  If it were, we would have no free will.

I am a psychic and I am a medium and I believe fully in the power of spiritual communication with those who have passed on, and I know the value of spiritual guidance that can be obtained as we can move into a higher state of consciousness.  But I repeat: I do not believe that everything in life is destined and predictable.  Quite often a client calls and asks  “When am I going to meet Mr. Right?”  Allow me to suggest a better question: “What can I do to raise my own consciousness in order to draw someone to me with whom I can have a wonderful life?”  This question implies that the person asking the question is ready to progress spiritually and is therefore taking responsibility for his or her life. We all have to ask ourselves, are we ready to take responsibility for our lives? Do we know that we have power over our own futures?

The very best psychics, mediums and astrologers that I know tell me that there are possible future and possibilities. They have taught me to understand my best and worst qualities so that I can work with the energies that are part of me to create the best possible life.  They encourage me to use their spiritual guidance to empower myself.

My intent is to do the same for my clients.

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