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Ah Sweet Sleep….How I yearn for thee! May 19, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, Worries.
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A good nights sleep can sometimes be hard find!  We toss and turn and wake up wanting MORE sleep.

How can we get a good nights sleep?

One: Turn Off and Tune Down

Turn off the television unless you want to watch shows that are peaceful and calm. Stimulation before sleep can be one of the biggest causes of insomnia.  Tune down the music you listen to. Favor peaceful sounds over energetic dance music.

Two:  Beam up into spiritual realms

Evening is a wonderful time to repeat your favorite spiritual mantra or think about the spiritual experiences you have been having.  Let your everyday conscious mind relax and get ready  to enter another part of your consciousness where you will sleep and dream.  Nighttime is not the time to offer your logical mind a wide screen to create plans on.  This is the time to clear  your mind and imagine the blue sky, the waves of the ocean, or streams of your favorite colors.

Three:  Do not worry about sleeping

The more we worry about how much we are going to sleep, the less we sleep.  Tell yourself that no matter how much sleep you have tonight you will have a good day tomorrow. Then let go of all your worries and believe that you can sleep.

Repeat over and over:  I am sleeping ~ I am sleeping ~ I am sleeping ~ I am sleeping.

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne





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