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Too busy to change the world? May 18, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Uncategorized.

I was on an Internet radio show last night with Bernedette on Hidden Wisdom Radio.  At one point Bernedette asked me about my predictions for the future of the world.  What an awesome question: often asked.  I staggered when presented with this essential question.

Before I give my prediction, let me speak about the fact that nature, and the Divine Consciousness that we are all part of, knows the REAL world of oceans, skies, land, water, air  and all living things.  While many of us talk and write about social change, our words and our actions can easily become part of a “spin world of talk about change” while nothing actually gets changed. This world of spin and hype is not the real world, but for some of us can become an escape from the blaring realities of how much needs to be changed in our world.

In some ways we do not really want to hear about how much our world needs to change  and there is a part of each one of us that does not want to take responsibility.  Rare is the true spiritual seeker who is sincerely devoted to the essence of life.

And when we do hear the call of the earth as she lets us know what needs to be changed, we try for awhile. Many of us give up as we cannot seem to do enough and we cannot seem to get the attention of our friends and family. We cannot get others to change.  This becomes depressing.

Oh yes, I promised a prediction.  Well, instead I have a statement: The time is now. The time for changing our world is now. And this means that each one of us has to take responsibility and do the things that will help our world get rid of war, hunger, and pollution.  We can either decide that human nature being what it is: things will never change, or we can decide that human nature being what it is: human nature must now  evolve  into a more spiritual level of consciousness.

Sometimes I feel too busy to change the world.  How do you feel? What can each one of us do to make a difference?

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne

Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World




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