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Cheerful Sounds from the Children Can Change Your Life May 16, 2009

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If you are bored, depressed or taking a negative view of life, even for a moment, you can listen to the songs of the birds and that will be uplifting.  But an even greater sound to listen to is the song, laughter and cheerful sounds of the children. If you have no children or grand children of your own around, it is worth a visit to your neighborhood playground, just to watch and listen to the children as they run, play, laugh, sing and invent a life that is worth living.

It has been said by many that we all need to remain “children at heart” as we grow older.

If we could all play the game of life as the children do, we would have more inventive and happy lives. Perhaps we can receive inspiration from the children because they have not been separated from the world of spirit as long as we have as adults. It was not long ago that their spirits were close to Divine Consciousness before being born into a physical body.   And we as adults, can also feel the joy of children if we can remember that we are each a spark of the Divine.  We only feel separate from the Divine if we forget where we have come from and who we truly are. Opening up to the spirit within each one of us, and realizing where we have come from, brings the same joy that we feel when we listen to the children laugh and play.

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