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Do you have a PERSONAL ENERGY CRISIS? May 12, 2009

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We read about the worldwide energy crisis and we are all beginning to understand that we need to conserve energy and find new energy sources.  That being probably the most important issue our planet has to face, let us for the moment start by looking within ourselves to see if we have our own PERSONAL ENERGY CRISIS.

This morning as I open up to the guidance within, I hear that I must look at my own personal energy crisis. What does that mean? I need to look within to see what I am allowing in my life to cause “energy leaks.”  But what is an energy leak? I perceive an energy leak to be an expenditure of energy on something that it should not be spent on, in the same way that if oil leaks from my car onto the floor of my garage, the oil is not being used for the right purpose.

If I allow people to upset me and “spend”  alot of energy on my upset, then that same energy is not available to do something more worthwhile during my day.  If I allow myself to get involved in useless gossip, then I am spending energy that might otherwise be spent on a more worthwhile activity.

If I am going to be able to help myself and others, I need to avoid energy leaks.

If all of us could look within and ask ourselves if we are using our personal energy in the best way, many of us would discover that we need to be more discerning.  It is only as we learn to use our energy in the best ways, that we will have the energy we need to help our world, which still has many problems.   We still need to solve the problems of war, hunger and poverty. We still need to solve the problems of abuse in our world.  None of us can solve all those problems alone, but if each one of us learned how to make better choices in the ways we use our energy, we would each have time to devote ourselves to a project that would be helpful to the world.

Carole Lynne   Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World





1. Ron M. - May 13, 2009

This subject of energy leaks has many implications. Leaks prevent us from doing tasks we would otherwise be able to do or perhaps allows us to only do them partially with displeasing results.

Energy leaks can perhaps also play a role in our immunity. As our defenses wear down, it seems that we may become prone to physical problems that could have a broad spectrum of severity from mild to severe.

I am discovering that it is absolutely imperative for me to “patch” these leaks. This means I have to be a real detective to discover what is zapping me, what kinds of situations I need to avoid, what kind of people are most positive for me and my personality.

When I make the commitment to take care of myself it seems so much easier to assist with other things that need attention – from my home to the relationships in my life. So I encourage people to take this issue of energy leaks as something that, when halted, can positively affect our lives.

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