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When All Your Friends Are Upset April 17, 2009

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It seems that there are times in life when most of my closest friends are going through hard times, ALL at the same time.  This requires emotional stability on my part, and the stamina to try to help my friends without becoming totally depressed.  It is in these moments that I realize how important my friends are.  It is not easy to help them, but in these moments I remember the many times they have been there for me when I was having an emotional upset or trying to solve a difficult problem.

I have heard many people say that when times are tough we need to turn it all over to God.  While there is truth in those words, I would say it a slightly different way: “When times are tough look for the God within and help others to do the same.”

Ultimately, I cannot solve any of my friend’s problems for them and they would not want me to try to do so.  But I can provide support and love, in the hopes that they will find the strength within to solve their own problems.

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1. Karen - April 22, 2009

Hi Carole, THANK YOU for your new book Cosmic Connection, Messages for a better world!!! I took a mental health day Sunday and read your book. Needless to say, it filled me up spiritually and helped me get centered after such a stress filled couple of months. I’ ve been coping with two aging parents (mom’s worsening dementia) which she’s in complete denial about and dads bouts in the hospital. Both refuse to stop driving or accept live in help. AARGH!!! I know I need to practice tough love and have, it’s just impossible to get through to them. So, your book reminded me that, this is just part of their spiritual journey and I just needed to step back and take care of my self every now and then, fill myself up with possitive affirmations and messages from your book. I’m giving copies to all my stressed out friends. It’s truely food for the soul! Thanks again, Karen

2. Carole Lynne - April 22, 2009

Dear Karen,

Sorry to hear that you have had a stress filled couple of months. I am older than you and remember what it was like when both of my parents were aging. It was one of the hardest times in my life. I know what you are going through and my heart goes out to you.

You are a kind and wonderful woman with deep compassion for others. I hope you can get a little time off to let go of all the stress.

Thanks you for reading Cosmic Connection Messages for a Better World.

You have always been so helpful. You were VERY helpful in the fundraiser for Babies Need Food. Your efforts combined with those at the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco, helped us to put about twenty five new babies in the program. Thank you so much.

I will pray for you Karen and for your whole family.

Hope you get a break soon to do something fun.

Carole Lynne

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