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Family Bonds are Stonger When They are Looser! How can that be? April 14, 2009

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A real bond of love between one person and another carries love within it.  It is an energetic bond that one cannot see with the physical eyes, but can clearly see with the spiritual eyes: the eyes of the soul.  Imagine an energetic chord flowing from one person to another that carries the vibrations of love, caring and acceptance. A ~Bond of Love~ is not a rope that binds. It is not twine that ties down the hands, feet, mind, heart and soul.  When one captures another with a rope that ties one down, then instead of love flowing through from one person to another we see the vibrations of control, manipulation, envy, jealousy. If we could translate these vibrations into thought they would be “You will live your life as I want you to live it, you will not have more than me as I want to be the most powerful.”  These thoughts express bonds of control.

In a family, when we have true bonds of love between members of the family, they want to be with  each other. They can’t wait to come together for a family gathering. They truly love each other, because there is an atmosphere of acceptance within the family.  Real bonds of love flow between all members of the family as they appreciate each other. This does not mean that parents should not set standards for their children. This does not mean that family values and traditions are not respected.  But in the opinion of this author, there can only be true bonds of love when members of the family who may be a bit different than the heads of the family, are accepted with their differences. When there is acceptance, there is true love.

Families who do not accept each other still get together and there are still family bonds that tie them together. But these are not bonds of love. These are ropes of control.

Let us pray that we can understand and appreciate each person in the family for his or her individuality and originality.   Then love flows like a river of beauty, and wraps around each one of us like a spiritual cloud of bliss.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne

Author of the new book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World






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