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“Grandma, Are You Old?” April 11, 2009

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We took two of my grand daughters to Friendly’s for supper and some ice cream. We asked them to choose from the Kids Menu, and my husband and I, both over 60, picked items on the Senior Menu. WHAT a bargain! However, I did not bargain for the conversation that followed with one of the girls.

“Grandma, why did you order from the Senior Menu? Are you OLD?”  As this darling child asked the question, I could see the fear spread across her face. I had a vision of her crying at my funeral.  Before I allowed my mind to go much further, I answered her. “Yes, I am older now. I am over 60 and so I can order from the Senior Menu, but I am not REAL old.”

“Well” she said “Nina died when she was eighty.”   I responded ” Yes she did, and besides, I am not anywhere close to being eighty AND I know people who have lived into their nineties.”

The food was brought to the table and all conversation and speculation about the time of my death stopped.

As a psychic medium, I communicate with spirits every week.  Some of them passed into eternal life at the age of seven, some at seventy, and some before they were ever born.  I know that any one of us could make our transition at any time.

I value each day.  I love my grand children. I am glad I am around to be with them and glad they are around to be with me.

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