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Your Doctor is Part of Your Grief Team March 29, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Grief.

In my life as a psychic medium, I receive many calls and emails from people who have recently lost loved ones.  Some people, in deep grief, can hardly function and it is understandable.  It is important for all of us to remember than if we or people we know cannot function due to grief, a trip to the doctor is called for.  When sadness grips us there are all kinds of physical and emotional reactions that may need medical treatment.

Spiritual help is also needed when we are in deep grief.  If one belongs to a religion then help can be found by seeing the spiritual leaders in that religion. If one belongs to a support group of any kind, the spiritual help may come from sponsors, group leaders or the members of the group who have become friends.  Help can also be found in community grief groups.

What about having a mediumistic reading in order to communicate with those who have passed on, particularly the loved one who has recently passed?  If you or your loved ones are open to spirit communication, then a reading can be very helpful.  But if needed, medical attention must come first.

Take care of yourself if you are in deep grief.  And if your loved ones or friends are in grief and unable to function, encourage them to get medical help.

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