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Staying Calm in Rough Financial Waters March 12, 2009

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We are in a period of history where many people feel agitated and insecure about what is going to happen to our climate and to our worldwide financial structure.  I speak to people everyday who are scared.   On the other hand, some people feel that we are getting a huge wake up call and need to take advantage of our current problems in order to create a better world.

This is a time when a HUGE number of people are focused on world problems and not just on their own personal lives. If we can take this time to make important changes not only in our personal lives, but in our communities and our countries, then we can create a better world. 

I think we would all agree that we need to take better care of our environment and that we need to have regulations in place that would not allow companies such as mortgage companies to sign up people to pay fees they cannot afford. 

It is my prayer that we can all work together no matter what our spiritual beliefs encompass.  From my spiritual perspective, we are all ONE and therefore energetically connected to each other.  We are not as individual as we think.  We all need to work together. I realize what I have said sounds very idealistic, but it is with values and ideals that we must begin to create a better world.

Let us ask ourselves “what can I do to create a better world?”   Each one of us has a Cosmic Connection to the Divine and if we can activate that connection, we can receive guidance not only for ourselves but for a better world.

Please share your ideas with us with a comment.

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1. Ron M. - March 18, 2009

It is my feeling that actualizing the best “me” that one can be is the starting off place for creating a better world. Getting in touch with the inner self may sound like philosophical idealism, but it is the character and quality of the inner self, the ideals that self establishes and the connection with the divine that creates our outer selves.

Through spiritual unfoldment we learn about the richness of experience that going within allows. It is through becoming with the operation of this inner self that we come to know who we really are – an exhortation dating back to earliest times.

When we can recognize the divinity within and put the ego, for the most part aside – or the level of personality that we live in day to day – we can begin to see the divinity in others. Our communities improve and eventually our whole world benefits.

When we are able to free ourselves from specific dogmas we allow ourselves to open up to the truest form of spirituality, not a man-made dictum. And we find that true spirituality will never permit one to engage in base behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing, murder, disrespect toward and destruction of our environment. They are not part of the divine expression. They have their centers elsewhere.

It is good we quiet ourselves and become accustomed to that higher wisdom that flows just beneath the surface of our conscious thoughts. Recording these thoughts, no matter how silly one feels in the beginning, can be a stepping off point for enlightenment.

2. Carole Lynne - March 21, 2009

Dear Ron,

Through spiritual unfoldment we can learn to handle all of our life challenges.

Thanks for your message.

Carole Lynne

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