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Maui Avocados Become Baby Formula in Chennai January 24, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Carole Lynne Travel.

Do not worry.  We are NOT making baby formula out of avocados. However, today my husband Marlowe took the avocados from our tree in Maui to a farmers market in Makawao and sold them. He earned $37 which will be donated to our family charity “Babies Need Food.”     When he came back from the market, I was reminded once again of how small our world is. 


Marlowe told me of conversations he had with others selling and buying fruits and vegetables. He learned that many people are involved with charities and are either donating funds for food or for the education of children around the world.  It is heart warming to realize how many people are trying to help those in need.

In these harder economic times, we are going to have harder choices to make.   When we are tempted to buy something we do not really need, should we be asking ourselves if those funds could be better used by people in disaster areas?   But if we do not buy things in the stores, how are we hurting the people who own and work in those stores?  The answers to these questions are not simple, and perhaps we need to find a balance between giving to ourselves, giving to charity and putting money back into the economy by consuming.

I think we will solve our world problems as long as we keep asking ourselves what is the best use of the money we have to spend.  We need to be thoughtful.

Tomorrow morning in Chennai is distribution day for Babies Need Food. Members of my family will be handing out bags of formula and a piece of baby clothing, to parents who arrive holding their babies. I have had the privilege of being present at some of those distribution days in Chennai, and it is a joy to be part of an organization that helps feed babies.

The avocadoes sold today will help towards future distribution days.  If you are interested in our charity visit

www.babiesneedfood.org.   Whether you give to our charity or to another, let us all give what we can.

Do you have charities you would like to tell us about?  Do you have other ideas to share about giving?


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1. mary - January 27, 2009

Well… as an independant reader I am choosing to respond to the question in the middle of your text… your question of what real impacts to our consumptive habits have and what best steps to take?
There are several underlying motivations or behaviors of individuals and groups that are in tension and our innate in our biological state… when balanced these tensions can be creative and work well, but when out of balance – well hello to today’s problems – from economic to climatic and political.
As biological beings humans must first care for the Self – we are programmed to survive. Self discovers from infancy to death the importance of Group to Self survival. At first Group the infant caregiver, later the immediate family and perhaps first friends, etc. Each human must actually experience as the body/brain grows the importance of working with Group goals – even when it seems the Self goals are compromised. As we mature and become educated through the written record of the success or failures of different Group ideological models we can use that information to make intelligent choices about Group goals – even when they may sometimes seem costly to the Self goal.
Here is an example in terms of the growth of the big picture of human development on the planet and how the Group identiy has “grown”

At first humans are hunter gatherers… we banded in close knit extended family groups and as early as 10,000 years ago had developed those estended families into larger “tribe” identiies that might include several hundred families….

With continued technical development of food production and storage it became necessary to protect food stores and to cooperatively work to produce food.. we shifted from hunter gather to an agrarian society.

With better food production and storage population increases and with cooperation within the larger tribe individuals were able to specialize in areas beyond food gathering or hunting.. we had more leisure time to produce art, develop writing, laws…etc… that’s around 5,000 years ago and continues today

Officially our Group identies grew within the agrarian model from tribes… to City-States to Nation-State… which roughly is where we are today and have been since at least the 15th Century

The Middle East is a vivid example of the failure of protecting Natural Resourcesthat are common to all because of the competition between Groups…. a common phrase for the phenomenon is Tragedy of the Commons…..

When pasture or trees or any resource is at issue there is no “sharing” that works voluntarily…. it fails at every level – from Self to any Group….. it takes only one “free rider” – one person who sneaks to the common pasture at night with his herd thinking this little extra food for my sheep is more important than ensuring the pasture is not overgrazed by agreeing voluntarily to rotate grazing to prevent desertification…… as a result the Middle East was denuded by man…the famous Cedoars of Lebanon, the pastures…. all gone…. desertification continues at a phenomenal rate b/c of humans overgrazing, harvesting…the Commons…. today we call it Global Warming….

Every time…someone or some Group is a “free rider” and our entire history of conflict and tensions are an attempt to limit either free riders or those who gain too large a share of resource and oppress other Groups… The only Groups that desire peace are those that are satisfied.. those hungary or oppressed will desire war if it will produce change…

With the industrial revolution our Group models got complicated quickly! We have completely removed most Selfs from actual food production and are completly specialized as Selfs and dependant on the largest Group ever seen in human history…. 15million in Mexico City….. 200,000 die in one Tsunami… 3,000 in two towers……

So – here is how we as Self must view the Group goals and how to “fit” so as to survive and ensure the Group survives….

Decide first what Group do you belong to? Family, Employer, City, State, Nation, Globe…. Religion……

I will for this assume its Nation – America….. because our Self and smaller Group (family, etc) place – our freedoms – are dependant on Nation….

So within our Nation – at the least – none of us should be “free riders” – that means when we KNOW fossil fuels, water watse, disposable goods, luxury itmes, pesticides and other overdone suburban practices, etc etc are not good for the COMMONS – the pasture – the planet we would at least agree that our large Group –

our nation should ensure that anyone benifiting from its laws and protections abide by regulation to prevent – civil oppression, poverty, illiteracy, pollution, greed and theft (i.e. irresponsible voting, irresponsible news).

The illusion of any “free market” concept in today’s world….is ludicrous

Government is required to insist that our State Groups, and the 350,000,000 Selfs in the US don’t become “freeriders.” (gee – as long as there is greed…regulation, forcing coorporations and Selfs to incorporate their damage to the Commons is necessary….)

The fancy term for making Selfs – or Groups – accountable and to prevent destruction of the Commons – is making them internalize external costs…. so the cost to prevent pollution is not an unnecessary burden on companies as they argue, but an an absolutely fair portion of their burden on the Commons….

if you got this far and want then to hear how – once you agree- it should (but doesn’t) affect our behavior…let me know!

I am sure there are typos…but to hard to edit on this online thingy…. thanks for patience!

2. mary - January 27, 2009

the reason I didn’t respond to the charity question is b/c first the Group identity and goal must be defined…and I have a good argument if that is Nation (or even Planet – but nothing no Group “smaller”) then I am not sure that donation to individual charities that might reduce a Self’s ability to better place that resource to “external” costs – so as not be a Se;lf “free rioder” is the priority! I am not discouraging donation…but I am encouraging that first we must amend our Self “free rider activities” and they are actually more excessive for the wealthier in the US than those often perceived as “free riders” such as welfare or subsidy/charity recepients….

3. Carole Lynne - January 28, 2009

Dear Mary,

I urge people to give to whom ever they wish, and if they cannot afford to give to any charity that is understandable too. Just wanted to share with readers what I am involved in.

4. mary - January 28, 2009

yes i figured…and so do I… what I was trying to get at is that we – simply as middle class Americans – are using products and goods for which we do not pay the full costs – the internal and external costs of the product…
so if you have a choice…say get a new couch or reupholster..how do you evaluate (and I am thinking in terms of charity…b/c oppression and resource overuse is the reason for poverty) ..

well if you buy the new couch – where was it produced? Did the manufacturer use current environmental, worker safety, etc etc regulations? If so those costs are probably in your couch price and you are paying the “full” amount…. but say the couch is made in Malaysia…. the fabric in India… the wood from Rainforests…. odds are that inexpensive couch is because you are not paying the full price of the impact of the manufactur of that couch – on the environment or underpaid workers… so it isn’t a deal for the Group – only the Self…..
a better choice might be to have that old couch recovered…. local money to local labor…. you can pick you fabric mindful again of the “costs”…. you may pay about the same as a new couch or possibly even more…but you will have paid the full costs – the esternal costs as welll (i.e. American regulation on environment, worker safety, etc)

If you look at Americans consumption…even our lower middle classes we do not pay the full cost of just about anything! The planet does…or workers in Asia…etc…

We must think more of the value – did I pay my share of the impact on the Commons? Rather than how much stuff can I buy cheap….
this model may not feel like it leaves room for charity or savings…it does…but it takes a shift in thinking and committment…
you are at the grocery…organic milk $4 …. hormone.pesticide/herbicied milk….. $2//// humm = well you buy the cheap milk? You just put your costs on the commons…..

5. mary - January 28, 2009

Tragedy of the Commons… it hasn’t change since man first stood up and looked around…

So education – not just charitable and giving hearts – are a necessity in this world…. one must be vigilent and not pass off the responsibility of understanding your personal impact in the world – both emotional and physical – to pundits or pastors, etc… one must strive to gain knowledge so that each choice can be made with the greater good in mind… which I beleive is what motivates us to be charitable too….

So God can change our hearts – give us the motivation – but the doing? It is our responsibility to understand and today that means politics of our Group Nation….. and if you are really committed – local politics…..

I love that you are doing a blog Carole…and I loce that it is a medium whose world view is so large…. but, as you can see my focus lately has been more the large social models than the individual heart….. (I know it is all interrelated and dependant)… I think the Holy Spirit does a great job of reaching people and my manner might dissuade them from seeking! So I think for me I need to look at how Self and Group relate and find an ideology for myself that translate to the big picture…… I have high hopes for Obama and still aware the sustem is rather inefficient and possibly corrupt….. so I am not too hopeful!

anyway, I have shared all I have these days – some past spirit expereinces, some politics, some practical emotional rections and now my larger socioeconomic views…haha pretty limtied.
But, I won’t mes your blog up off trach b/c the format requires readers see each post…and I am not exactly on track..
So I bid you farewell and the best of Luck – I have enjoyed the exchange.

Carole Lynne - February 3, 2009

Dear Mary,

Thanks for your comment. The words that jumped out at me in your comment are “and so for me, I need to…..” The fact is that there are so many places that need help. Each one of us has to make a choice each time we give a dollar or an hour of our time. What is important to me is that we give, each in our own way.

6. Raffaella - January 29, 2009

I think that it is wonderful that you donate to babies in need of food. I think it is essential for people to help others if they have the means to do so. Especially in these hard times when people are at their worst and sometimes take their anger and frustrations out on others. People always say I am just 1 person and what does it matter if I give to charity or not, I can’t make a difference. I don’t agree with that. I think if people see other people giving out of goodness and hope that the feeling of hope and optimism might spread to others and make them feel like the world is a good place after all. What we all need now is faith, hope and to know we are not alone.

Carole Lynne - February 3, 2009

Dear Raffaella,

It is always hard for each one of us to decide where and whom to give to. There are so many needy people in this world. Many people ask me who I think they should give to: where should they send any dollars that they can aford to give. I have to say that I do not know. I tell them to decide with their heart.

7. Mike - March 1, 2009

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8. sharon teig - August 7, 2009

the opportunity to donate to a charity has been most meaningful to me. I started painting about 7 years ago. At first, I wanted to create, then learn, then receive affirmation..prizes, ribbons, and of course, money, This would definitely define my worth as an artist. But very quickly I decided to present my work for sale and send my profits to BabiesNeedFood.org.
I don’t think I can describe the feeling I get when I do this…I believe it fills my heart with joy..So world economy aside, politics aside..I continue to do this because it feels right to me.

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