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The Spirit World is Here and Now January 12, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit.

Many people tend to think of the world of spirit as a place that is up there or some place far away in the cosmos.  Each year that I continue to communicate with those in spirit, I realize more and more that the world of spirit is right here, right now.  It is simply another dimension that we cannot see with our physical eyes.  We can see the world of spirit with our spiritual senses: our spiritual eyes, ears and nose.  Spirit communicates with our through what might be called our “Soul Senses.”

How does spirit communicate with you?


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




1. Jessica - January 13, 2009

Hi, Carole. It is as you say…through the senses. I have smelled flowers outside in the middle of winter. Roses, and also lilacs. At the same time, I had a mental image of the color of the flower, as well as the image of a person. I’ve heard footsteps and things being moved, but I’ve had the impression of someone beside me speaking to me, and asking me to pass it along. Dreams are another way I receive messages from spirit. None of these things happen daily…or even routinely. Sometimes they are “out of the blue”, and of course in my own moments of grief, too.

More often, I “feel” the painful emotions of those living. It is sometimes overwhelming in crowded situations. Perhaps you will help us learn to shield ourselves from unwanted experiences?

2. Carole Lynne - January 13, 2009

Dear Jessica,

When we receive messages from the world of spirit it is often a very special experience: not an every day occurance.

Thanks for sharing your words with us.

3. MaryLee Trettenero - January 19, 2009

Hi Carole –

Spirit communicates to me in several ways. One is through the various clients I consult with. Either through the overall theme of the guidance I receive, or in individual pieces of information. I look at these experiences also as moments of healing. When I feel I have spirit contact I experience the feeling of “grace” which is hard to describe in words. It makes me feel so blessed to do this work.

Thank you again Carole Lynne for providing a forum for me to think about these things.

Carole Lynne - January 19, 2009

Hi MaryLee,

Glad to have you back on the blog. Always good to hear what you have to say. For any of you who may be reading my comment, Mary Lee is an excellent reader. You can find her website by clicking on her name or the words near her name in the comment that she made

4. mary - January 20, 2009

I have in my adult life eaxperienced in the following order spirit in this fashion:

1. a strong sense of presence after my dad passed on one occassion, and on two ocassions awakend by the smell of smoke.. once to a fire and another no fire… so not sure, but it was distinctive..
2. a major encounter with a cloud like presence external to me that ws life altering 20 years ago
3. a materialization of my son 11 years after his death
4. in meditation very specifically with a feeling almost of vibration accompanied by mental images or ideas and occassionally smells
5. oddly when my cat unexpectedly died in its sleep.. and just as my husband picked it up and placed into a bag – all six fire alarms went off in the house – woke all the kids… everyalarm. And then nothing…its been 7 months.. no more alarms – not one has gone off – Hummm? – this one I can’t explain
6. two or three medium readings that were remarkable in detail

the above were well..almost unrefutable expereinces (personally anyway …and the cat/alarm? nice to have five witnesses)

now these below are also are times that I think spirit may be talking to me…but then again maybe its just me…

1. when birds approach me more closely than is normal – a hummingbird lit on my shoulder once… often I notice birds

2. ocassionally when a stranger looks at me just so or something ..and a little bell goes off.. just like “hey note this”…

3. coincidences that are probably such…but then are they?

4. dreams and sometimes precognitive thoughts… are they coicidences.. or do we shape the events to fit the remeberance of the precognition?

Okay… no essay but concrete examples…
what I don’t get are …moved/misplaced items – I misplace so much I would never notice….flickering lights… ah it’s alwasy explained…. no calling phones or talking radios…no EVP…..

but I am certain that spirit is there… when I meditate or on those rare occassions when spirit insists on breaking through my fog! Gosh I feel lucky writing this…

5. Carole Lynne - January 21, 2009

Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us.

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