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Each Day is a Blessing so Not to Worry!!!!!!! January 4, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in Worries.

I admit it. I AM a worry wort, and as we enter 2009 after such a roller coaster ride in 2008, it is easy to worry.  Most people are worried about their jobs and generally worried about the state of the world.

NOW IS THE TIME WHEN WE ARE PUT TO THE SPIRITUAL TEST……….many of us talk the good talk and say things such as “live in the moment” or ” be grateful for the day before you”  or “we give thanks for each breath of life.”  Now is the time when we get to either practice what we preach or become eternal worry worts.   I ask myself and I ask you “What is your choice?”

No matter what is going on, the moon is beautiful. No matter what is going on, the flowers are fragrant. No matter what is going on, the laugh of a child or the smile of a loved one is inspiring.



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1. Devonne - January 4, 2009

I admit I worry sometimes to but lately I’ve been trying to better develop my psychic abilities, but I’m a person of great faith so I believe things will turn out great.

2. Liz - January 4, 2009

In my opinion, there’s no point in worrying about something over which you have no control. In fact, spending time worrying just promotes more worry and negativity. Instead, make a list of the positive things you can do to try and solve the problem. If it’s not your problem specifically, like the conflict in the Middle East, pray, or do something meaningful to you so you can focus on your own personal issues. Negative thoughts are rarely helpful. Positive actions often lead to resolutions. Choose to be positive. Push away negativity and surround yourself with those who can assist you in this endeavor.

3. Jodi rae - January 4, 2009

I have committed myself to resolve that “FEAR IS JUST A FEELING …AND A FEELING CANNOT HARM ME.” ….

And to that ..I add faith. Worry is a waste and my life is more powerful than anything wasteful..therefore, I shall not worry, instead I’ll scurry along living.

4. Aileen Leitch - January 4, 2009

I also am a worry wort. I worry about my children, my grandchildren and everyone elses children and grandchildren in this rapidly changing world. I need to be able to reconnect with my own spirituality and find some peace in my own soul. I am desperately seeking help in this area.

5. glenda - January 4, 2009

Worries are here to distract us from our purpose I think. If we can be distracted long enough maybe we will forget why we are here in the first place…have you ever asked “What am I here for?” Then life or the new 4 letter word “busy” sets in and bingo we’ve forgotten. So back to being still and loving it! Blessings…Glenda

6. Rose - January 4, 2009

I had a friend years ago that used to say “money is only paper” when I worried about money, or the lack of it. When you think about it, that’s all it is. Very necessary, of course, but only paper. You’re right, Carole Lynne, the sound of a child’s laughter, the beauty of a sunset, the contentment of a warm house while snow falls and the love of our near and dear ones makes us wealthy in ways we sometimes don’t recognize. At this time we must pray for those caught in the terrible circumstances of war, the people starving for a simple bowl of rice, the countless people all over the world who have no shelter and no one to care. We are blessed in ways we don’t stop to realize until we are confronted with the unimaginable suffering that exists in the world. We in America must learn to appreciate what we do have, even if we think we need more, because we all have far more than many people in the world can even imagine having. Bless us all in 2009 and let us have courage to face the future.

7. Dee - January 4, 2009

I worry about one person, my daughter. She is over 60,000 in debt from a manipulating ex who left her for another. She is struggling each day to pay off the debt he left her in. I can’t understand how a person who professes to love someone, can do such a henious thing. Each day is a stuggle for her to deal with debt collectors calling, landlords, utilitiy companies etc. If not for her friends and family, I’m sure she would have given up already. All we can hope for is the day she is free of all of this. It has left me with a negative outlook for 2009…..I was hoping it would be much better.

8. maggie Stevens - January 4, 2009

How not to worry? Well most of us do that — for me it is all a matter of perspective. In 1999 – my brother – my Rock of Gibraltar was diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer — too late for any intervention — mercifully short –. I remember my reaction on being given the news — how helpless I felt — there was nothing I could do — all the money in the world could not save him. I never saw him again.
So when those pesky worries crop up — which they do for all of us — I ask myself if there is anything i can do about it — if so – then all is well – if not and nobody is hurt — just let it go!!
I would like to quote from one of the greatest spiritual classics ever written – over 500 years ago — but just as appropriate for today:
“As often as I have been among men, I come back a lesser man”.
We have to redirect our lives and turn a deaf ear to the constant bombardment of media – noise – and avarice. I am as guilty as the next man — and have to guard against it.
Lastly — I liked what I recently read: Each day we should something for somebody who cannot return the favour”

IT is sad for me that there is not a spiritualist church within driving distance — I would like to share ideas and feelings — with like minded people – so thanks Carole for this blog!!

9. Carole Lynne - January 4, 2009

Dear Glenda and Rose,

Thanks for your words. Glenda: it is important to be be still. Stillness brings bliss. Rose: yes, this is the time when we must pray for those in horrible circumstances, and do whatever we can to give to organizations that can help people who are in pain and poverty.

10. Carole Lynne - January 4, 2009

Dear Maggie,

Welcome to the blog. I am so sorry you do not have a Spiritualist church near you. Perhaps you would consider taking a Spiritualist correspondence course sometime. That would make you part of all that is going on. If you are ever interested email me at carolelynne777@carolelynne.com and I will discuss various courses with you.

11. Carole Lynne - January 4, 2009

Dear Dee,

It can be very hard not to worry when one has a child who is having a terrible time. She is very fortunate to have a supportive family. I think all we can do is to try to make the best of every day when things are difficult. If we can find one thing in each day to enjoy, if even for five minutes, we can become inspired to face our problems.

12. Carole Lynne - January 4, 2009

WOW…..lots of great comments tonight. I have run out of time to respond to each of you as I am boarding a plane early tomorrow morning. I will be back to the blog in a few days.


Carole Lynne


13. Judy - January 4, 2009

I believe that if a person cares and respects what God has blessed us with in this life, then it is only natural as breathing to worry somewhat. But I try not to worry about things that I can’t change, and take things as they come to me daily. Life is full of challenges, and I think it’s how we deal with obsticles thrown in our path that causes us to stress out, therefore, I try and dwell on what I have now, and give thanks to God every day for what he has blessed me with, instead of what I may not have tomorrow. It’s human nature to worry about our children and what will happen to them in their future, but there again God gives and God takes away, and if we are truly thankful to him, I belive we will be led by him to make the right decisions. If we make the wrong decision, then we will more than likely suffer the consequences.

14. MaryLee Trettenero - January 4, 2009

Hi Carole Lynne – safe travels! I’m trying to manage my worries. I have a lot of hope and faith that I can handle whatever comes up because I’m not expecting the next few years to be easy. I see it as an opportunity to grow spiritually. One concrete action I will do to control my worries is to get back to basics and make sure that I’m doing my best to be aware. Working for myself – sometimes I’m not great with time management so that’s one big thing I will evaluate and implement a more effective schedule. I’m also going to make sure that I take good care of my physical body – walking, jogging, eating well. I find walking helps to keep my stress manageable. I have a strong spiritual practice and I will go back and make sure that I strengthen my practice – especially after the holidays. Finally, feeling grateful for what I do have. Being aware of my attitude and my thoughts and when I’m being negative so I can turn my thoughts around. Thanks so much for your blog Carole.

15. Pam - January 4, 2009

I agree with those who talk of being still. I become still and ask God for guidance. I also add writing in a journal as if I am turning my worries over to God and allowing him to guide my steps, one moment at a time. I also agree with those who spoke of turning off the technology and stopping the madness of listening to all the horrible things that are always happening and have always happened. Most of it, one can’t do much about. And if there is something one can do, and you are moved to do it, act and the worry and anxiety will feel less intense.

16. Georgie - January 4, 2009

“We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.”

Since I’m interested in extending the ‘human’ part of the experience, in 2009 I’m going to:

1. Store long lasting foods, like canned goods, rice, beans. (Go to Youtube and search for information on “food shortage 2009” or Google the topic.)

2. Living in California, I’ve already started my vegetable garden. You can even grow many vegetables in large pots if you’re short on yard space. Buy your seeds now.

3. Own some gold and/or silver coins, if you are able. You know the government’s printing presses are running day and night and inflation is actually the least painful way we are going to get out of the mess we’re in. There will be more bank failures in 2009 so be very careful where you keep your money. Also, have some cash handy because we could see a “bank holiday” in 2009 (where you won’t have access to your cash for days or weeks.)

We should keep positive thoughts and pray but taking physical steps to be prepared and as self sufficient as possible is prudent and wise at any time. Good luck to all and God Bless You.

17. pat owens - January 4, 2009

hi carol lynn we as people in this world that higher power and sprit creative .for all of us who are here in one form or another , i walk with you and listen to you for you have a gift that only some understand better to day than years ago, the first time i spoke to you and listen i knew what you say is so real i walk a path of my own and have for years now i am starting to share the feelings i know and try to do the best i can and try not to worry as much , i know so day when the times comes for me to be with sprit i will be ready for the path will go on with those who walk there paths in this world , that we only can give back to in so , maney easy ways , just by saying thank you , thank you carole for opening to door to the path we shall all walk pat o ( kpo)

18. Nancy - January 5, 2009

When I am stuck in the headlights of worry or anxiety, the best thing for me to do is take a look at where I am in the moment. If the “headlights” are real oncoming traffic then I need to stop worrying and get the heck out of the middle of the road. If the headlights are projections of stuff I can’t get to, or make a change to them so I can feel better, the best thing I can do for myself is to stop, observe myself and ask, what is this and what is the message here? (stop, look and listen). If I give it enough listening time, I usually can hear an answer, and with a little grace I will get some guidance.

While I am waiting on this process to go through its cycle, I breath slowly through worry to relieve it’s intensity. Here is my recipe: Take a deep breath, imagine opening a door in your heart so you can see into it. Imagine the universal loving creator and the eternal wisdom is centered, alive and well in your heart. Then breath out. Do this a couple time until you can clearly picture this or sense this presence in your open heart.
With the next breath, breathe in the worry, anxiety, bad news, negative thought, whatever is troubling you, (Grab it with your inhale) and breath it deep into you heart, right smack into the center of the loving universe. As you exhale : LET IT GO. Do this for as long as you need to until you feel relief from your inner turmoil.
Do this enough and eventually you will begin to see the thought pattern change and transform into something helpful, even wonderful, that you couldn’t have imagined while in your previous state of worry.
You can do this anywhere at anytime, no one around will be the wiser, except to notice it’s a little easier hanging out with you!
I do recommend finding a quiet place where you can do this everyday, without interruption, to recharge yourself.

Hope this helps!

19. Carole Lynne - January 5, 2009

Hello Everyone, (and sorry there is no time for individual responses today)

As I read your suggestions to others about how to take care of ourselves without worrying too much, I become overwhelmed. Those of you who have come to our blog to help each other have such great thoughts to share, and I am also amazed at what good writers many of you are. I feel truly blessed to be part of this project as it helps me each time I read your comments. Thank you so much for taking time to share with others.

Carole Lynne

Now I am REALLY off to the airport and will report in soon.

20. mary - January 5, 2009

on worry – I expereinced early childhood truma and abandonment..oddly to be replayed several times through my first 17 years as my mother was bi-polar…. and my life culminated with her death 8 years ago… I am now 52.

Along the way one of my sons died and another brought to me through a wonderful god/adoption story….. and I also “met” the Holy Spirit…or whatever one chooses to call this entity humans seem to meet up with now and then over history…..some 20 ytears ago.

I practiced meditation/prayer and mediumship for many years…. seems the “gift” the spirit left me was discernment of spirits…..
as a scientist/lawyer I need 90% accuracy in mediumship….. for the scientific method of experiments (relying on “messages” needs to be a sure bet don’t you think?) … it is difficult to obtain that…. and anything less left me with concerns for those sitters…..

the most I can see as a current use of mediumship is as grief relief…demonstration of life after death…but beyond that I don’t think we have enough good data to rely (as the OT puts it…the mumblings of mediums) on mediumship for “answers” – unless your answer is you will continue to live and grow in the spiritual world…..as your loved ones do now……

So worry….. I am an expert at worry and have been debilitated by such, as well as found some worry useful to move forward……

Neuroplaticity or the brain….it’s relation to cognitive therapy… provides insight on how to change that “worry” or negative thinking… it appears that the “power of positivie thinki9ng” can now be demonstrated by changes in our neuro pathways simply by changing the way we think…..

and w/o belaboring all that we have now in the scientific community regarding brain function/emf…etc I suggest to anyone who worries…. combine modern brain research (psychology too) along with your faith….. as you have more control over how you think/feel/behave than we take responsibility for….

I have been frustrated with my faith in God lately – dark night of the soul… how can I be sure these expereinces are external to my brain and also not a part of some “universal consciousness soup” that we tap into in mediumship…or experience through our brains or transcriptive DNA? How do we reconcile the healing of one and the death of another… I can’t….

But this I do know after many years… the old phrases many of us heard over time have real meaning and each of us should explore what these really mean….ex: to thine own self be true…. love others as you love yourself…….even the sparrows are watched…etc…..

all of this to say the only thing worth worrying about is your soul…and do you love yourself? if not why? how are you taking your light into the world? if you are beaten down by others….. well think! What are reasonable solutions to your situation… and implement fairly and with regard for those you impact… but still carry out…..

there is just no way to pass on the expereince of being a human…dealing with dissapointment and loss, integrating life lesons that occurred before one could speak….etc etc we each have to live the emoptional/biological part of life…that wonderful written record we depend on for technology and knowledge doesn’t translate to a guaranteed life path…etc…. oh that gate is pretty narrow….

so – it you are walking a path of goodness and avoiding evil and doing the best you can… rather than accepting your own shortcomings working to overcome, etc….. and working to accept others shortcoming (rather than working them!) you are doing a great deal! You cannot stop death… or life…or an infrastructure of governemnt and society…. but you can find a way to live freely within your mind and it will seem like you will be free of worry……

grief however is another story!

21. mary - January 5, 2009

oh by the way I heard yesterday that 50,000 new blogs are created each DAY.. wow – so good luck as the spiritual and unseen world receive too little attention in this world…..

p.s. recent book on brain – “The brain that changes itself.” I beleive there is a bibliography too…. well worht the read…and deep thought…… I would love to engage in a discussion on the possible meaning of the data in relation to those of us with expereince withthe “supranatural” (I can’t call the spirit world supernatural…. because I think – actually – that the spiritual world is quite natural!

22. mary - January 5, 2009

To Georgie – on the economy and future

I smiled at your post b/c I too and many have thoughts of the seemingly weird spiral the US has found itself in…..and what if the infrastructure collapses?……

I am in many ways releived that our “material bubble” has popped…oh yes it means much less material wealth for me – and I am one of the officially discouraged unemployed workers…..but here is the good it can mean…

less bling bling! less consumption…. care for used goods and recycling… learning to pay for labor to fix or build rather than throwing away b/c it is cheaper to buy from China, etc….

we have changed as a society in three generations…. unmoored from our ancestors knowledge of how to provide for ourselves and live responsibly in small communitites…..

so this Xmas… oh we did some gifts…but mostly we just cooked and laughed and felt releived we didn’t pursue big gifts etc…… I actually hate xmas shopping anyway!

There is no security in this life – period…not through money or fortified homes…. it is illusory that your security can be had while a society’s falls…..

our best bet is to become and remain informed voters…. hold our Government accountable…. take the time to understand those areas that we allow to run on “auto pilot” – for me that is anything about money/taxes…oops..had I been following the laws, etc that Gramh bill that deregulated financial markets (same stuff before the great depression) I would have been vocal…. but I didn’t know until after the Paulson/Bush announcment that we will all “die” in one day w/o 700B bailout…….

So – I need to take a more responsible role in “watchdoggin” government… I am capable and owe it to others if I have more understanding… we all need to rely less on the BS soundbites of surface reporting and read – or at least watchin-depth news – 60 minutes. frontline, meet the press, Moyer…etc….. and balance then with the “news” we agree with – whether Fox or MSNBC…..

If we are still spenidng our time trying to figure out how to make our “family secure” and not how to make out “humanity” secure… in this case our humanity is our village/town/city/nation/planet…. well then there just won’t be much worth keeping secure!

So – after paralysis for a few months…where did all our money go? – I too am remebering my granma who canned and smioked and plowed….. and I too want retirement back at the farm I remember from my youth…..

I don’t know Georgie (that was my dad’s name – George) I think even while we make “plans” to survive we should also be speaking out with hope and care to each other….. the whole “financial” mess was based on greed….. so we need to be careful how much of that mentality (the last 10 years or so) has become part of our consciousness…. and excise it!

23. mary - January 5, 2009

sorry about typos…. but I am a somewhat impatient person and don’t reread to edit….. hope you can wade through anyway!

24. Edward - January 5, 2009

On December 12, 2008 I received a notice from Bank of America saying my credit card interest would be going up to 27 per cent (from 9 percent) with my monthly payment going from $400 per month to $1200 a month. When I called them to ask why they said it was because my debt to income ratio was too high! What’s the logic behind this? Increase my monthly credit card payment by a huge amount so that it becomes virtually impossible to make the monthly payment?

If I’m making my payments on time, have never been late, and am paying a bit more than the minimum, have a credit score in the mid 700s, why do I deserve to pay this amount? Like many Americans, I have been trying to keep our heads above water given all the problems with the banks and mortgage companies; but now it seems the companies want to drown us before the new administration can implement any true reforms for the middle class. It seems that the banks get golden parachutes while the consumer gets lead boots. Indeed, who will bail us out?

I can’t eat sunsets or pay my electric/water bills with a child’s smile.
Yes, there are some things we worry about that are trivial; but there are many others that aren’t. Living in psychic denial is not the way.

25. Lisa - January 5, 2009

There is no sense in worrying…our lives have already been mapped out for us by a Higher Power and no amount of worrying will change our fate. Just believe that there is a reason for every hardship we (or our loved ones) encounter in our lives and for every hardship, there is something good that results from it. Sometimes it is necessary for us to suffer in order to receive the blessings in our lives. So even in the toughest of times, remember to have faith that all bad is eventually balanced by good, count your blessings, know that whatever is causing you worry is just simply out of your hands and RELAX. Eventually something good will come of it! 🙂

26. Karen - January 5, 2009

Hi Carole, I hope you’re headed to somewhere beautiful and tropical!!! Wow, I too, am amazed at what wonderful, spiritual and insightful people are on this blog. Thank you! I think we all have to realize what brave souls we and give ourselves a pat on our backs! I feel like we are all suffering post traumatic stress syndrome. We’ve just come through 10 years of one of the worst administrations in history! But, I don’t want to harp on the negative here. I found this beautiful passage from one of my favorites, “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. It really speaks to me about allowing ourselves to be happy in spite of everything and in giving of ourselves to help our fellow man and being able to recieve help, is where we’ll find happiness. ” Oftentimes in denying yourself pleasure you do but store the desire in the recesses of your being. Who knows but that which seems omittedtoday, waits for tomorrow? Even your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be decieved. And your body is the harp of your soul, And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds. And now you ask in your heart, “How shall we distinguish that which is good in pleasure from that which is not good?” Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee. For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life, And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love, And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the recieving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy. People of Orphalese, (or in our case, the world) be in your pleasures like the flowers and the bees. God bless all of you, Karen

27. LoisTr - January 5, 2009

Hi – I, like so many others, sometimes worry and become frightened of what the future holds. None of us knows for sure what will happen, but we do know there will be major changes for everyone.
Then I remember that we are all here to learn, grow and develop. What better way to make progress towards that goal then to face these changes head on. Already there has been some small positive movement towards this as witnessed by so many families cutting back on Christmas spending. The true gift we give is the time we spend with the ones with love and not the gift sitting under the tree. It sounds so cliche, but living your life better has little to do with the possessions you have. Take steps now to unload yourselves of unneeded items. Donate them to those who need them or sell them and sock away the money you get for harder times. Then make a home made dinner for your family or invite a friend or neighbor over. Conversation over dinner is always the very best and such an ancient way to build bonds that last. Somehow we will all get through the hard times and the bonus is the stronger bonds that will last longer than the hard times.

28. Carole Lynne - January 6, 2009


These ARE difficult times, and for me, it is important to try to focus on the positive. I do not know one person who is not either worried about their own situation or worried about a member of their family. And YET, life goes on and we need to find some enjoyment each day no matter what is happening.

I used to sing in nursing homes. Before I realized I was a medium, I was a working musician for many years. Some of the people in the homes I would visit have more fun than most of us LOL. It is something to think about. I realize as I write this that there are horrible stories we all know about people in nursing homes. Nothing is either all good or all bad. The point I am trying to make, is that many people who are disabled or terminally ill are able to cope. They are models for us all.

29. mary - January 6, 2009

Edward – you are right with regard to Governement – we have a duty to be involved and if “worry” illicits thoughtful planning and attention then it has served it use…. (I think all our emotions have some basis in need for survival, etc..it’s just the excess that can be so damaging)…….. so again on the financial thing – well I am afraid all but the most trained matheticians in finance understood the Credit Default Swap ,market and what deregulation would do to us…. so now is our opportunity to visist the Senate Banking site or the Fed Treasury bailout site and make comments… the watchdog group is asking…

40 Billion in wasted “fees and overcharge interest” is lost each year to credit card companies….. yep – BS increases for one late payment – my 19 yr old son with his new “student account” is getting hit 36% b/c he missed that first payment…didn’t understand. You can call the credit card company and raise hell… there have been class actions on this and will be again (it used to be illegal to charge outrageous interest – usury – interesting biblical history on that)….. and one used to able to get out from under credit card debt by bankruptsy…not any more…very powerful lobbies…and so that debt now survives bankruptcy…even though the “come ons” etc are not a “meeting of the minds” and unfair bargaining power, etc…everything we say is not good but allow….. so again on this issue pay attention to your US senators…. find out who is on the committee for these..wrtie Obama’s website and support any move to eliminate lobbiyst from our system!!!!!

30. mary - January 6, 2009

datrn typos again – I think I had a dream last night where I said – I will edit my typing! So much for insightful flashes….

On the mechanics of this blog… Carol – you will find it difficult to provide new writing frequently enough for us to continue to check in routinely…. (I heard that on NPR) and so I suggest software that allows me to answer directly under the post of another commenter…that way we can enter dialogue and wont rely on you so much…. just random comments with no dialogue will die pretty quick…they are coming to hear from you..or alternatively engage with another…..

31. mary - January 6, 2009

I don’t know what software you use – but there are some sites that use the “thread” style – where commentors can reply to a comment or begin their own….. many sites also eventually give “trusted user” status to visitors so they can “hide” nasty comments, etc or identify trolls and eliminate…thereby reliving you or your web administrator from that heavy admin work….

this site has a legendary “thread” and protective software system ..

www,dailykos.com a left political site…but what is of interest is how the “community” of bloggers and visitors is handled…. (you can imagine during the election there were Bush supporters that wan’t to disrupt the site….but were unable b/c of these safeguards…. check out their explanation of terms (like trolls, etc) and how it’s set up… with that you can build a community here…. some really intelligent people here willing to talk…. but without a real vehicle and your time will soon evaporate if you try and be personal to all…and will become “vanilla” if you just post liitle “hey hi” posts….

another vehicle that is handy for this is a chat room… commit to once a week – Sundays or something….where the room is open and discussion is real time…and the possibility of a mini free reading if the spirit moves you…..

haha so freew ith advice – but although I am intrigues by the site this will be a dead thread if one can’t actually interact….

32. Jessica - January 6, 2009

Hi, Carole. Happy New Year! Thanks for another interesting topic.
I confess to being a worrier, but I’m getting better. I keep a copy of the “Serenity Prayer” by my bed. It reminds me to take a step back, breathe deeply, and work on things I have control over. The rest? Well, there are some horrible situations in my life that I can do nothing but pray about and hope for the best outcome. Unlike some, I do not believe in fate or our lives being mapped out…that would eliminate free will and all of the options presented, and they all have some kind of consequence, positive or negative. We can grow from both. And, I believe God is not in the business of rescuing us from our own poor choices, rather like a parent, he allows us the learning experience to grow. Much of our lives are painful and have nothing at all to do with personal choice or consequence. At those times, I think faith helps us through and enables us to help others who struggle at a later time.

Worry and it’s cousins, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, and even anger can make us physically ill. Been there…did that. I choose to live healthier and happier in 2009!

33. From Hege - January 6, 2009

IMAGINE a life without worries. We act based on our present understanding of life and the world around us. It’s an understanding that comes with a lot of worries. Each time we leave our bucket of excuses, get up off the sofa, and stop our stressed-out pacing, something happens. We take action outside our present comfortzone. And through that kind of action we change, we create our new perspective. And so it continues.

The new perspective will reveal more truth than our previous understanding of our world and ourselves. When we hold the truth in our hands, the worries cease to exist. That which we fear today will be shown to be nothing more than an illusion tomorrow. So how about leaving both the worn out-sofa and the bucket?
Go behind the fear, go to your potential.

Choose passion and understanding, because You are so much more.

All my best,

PS. If you know someone with financial worries- forward this wise and sharing opportunity:

34. Ron M. - January 7, 2009

To me, worry stems from feeling out of control. When we stop to realize that there are many situations with which we are presented over which we have limited-to-no control, it makes worrying seem empty.

I am beginning to realize that I do have control over the responses that I make regarding any situation, whether the situation is within my range of control or outside of it. (Worry, of course, is one way to respond.) So, when there are situations that arise that can naturally be upsetting I try to find the most positive response. I admit that I am not always successful, but just by the sake of trying to find something other than an unbalanced response makes me slow down, assess myself and change the way I perpetuate what may be going on.

When we take charge of our lives by this process of assessment we hold the reigns of power over any situation we might encounter. At the same time we are able to reduce the effect of any negativity that might otherwise have been created by an ureasoned action.

It has been very useful for me to learn how and when I have “energy leaks.” By controlling these leaks, by learning to act in a particular way no matter the situation I am feeling much more whole and far less worried.

35. Jessica - January 7, 2009

“Energy leaks,” Ron? I like that. You are so right. We can control our responses and that does make a difference. I like the way you think!

36. MaryLee Trettenero - January 9, 2009

I’m sad and worry for those who are losing their homes and retirement savings and other fallouts from this credit disaster. There is a myriad of ways that the financial crisis impacts us and the people we love.

I’ve almost lost my home several times due to personal financial binds. I know I was in denial until it got severe. Fortunately, I was never too late to pull out of it. I know others who are hunkered down waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like Ron, I’m particularly aware of my reaction to what’s going on within more than the event itself.

Like the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina – we are experiencing another teaching crisis turning us in the direction to have love and compassion for ourselves, our loved ones and displaying loving kindness in helping our neighbor. We need these cleansings every once in awhile. It gets us back on a spiritual path. As an intuitive, I’m keenly aware of the pain and suffering around me.

37. Jessica - January 12, 2009

Carole, we love you. Safe travels…look forward to having you back!

Carole Lynne - January 12, 2009

Dear Jessica,

Sorry I have been off line for awhile. I am back on line, busy doing readings and thinking about the state of the world. I will write a new post soon.

Thanks for being here.

38. Carole Lynne - January 12, 2009

Hello everyone and thank you for all your comments on “worry.” I have gained alot of insight from your comments.

39. Carole Lynne - January 12, 2009

Dear Mary,

Sorry I have let you down by being out of touch for a week. I will try harder, but know that I will not be a perfect blogger. Thanks for your comments.

40. Patti - January 16, 2009

Hi Carole Lynne, About worry….. My comment: Why worry when you can pray !?! Those of us who choose to walk a Spiritual life need to remember all the “tools” we have been given by the many Masters. It is a “back to basics” time in the world of Spirit but the best part is there are soooo many of us Light Workers. The support network is tremendous. If you are feeling concerned, afraid or not in the best frame of mind or health, reach out to a fellow Light Worker. We are everywhere so just reach out and talk.This is an exciting New Year of teaming together and rising above any difficulties. Remember your affirmations, your meditations and your intentions. We attract what we think about. Choose Love, Choose Great Health, Choose Prosperity and Choose Peace. Live in Gratitude not attitude. Many Blessings to you Carole Lynne for you are a great inspiration.

41. Carole Lynne - January 16, 2009

Dear Patti,

It is great to have you on our blog. As I read your words I can feel all the positive energy, YES this is a time in history where we need to take steps forward in our abilities to all work with each other.

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