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The Queen of Double Tasking Stresses Out December 11, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better.
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I admit it. I can cook dinner, check my email, return phone calls and clean up the house—ALL at the same time. I respond to almost all emails the same day, return phone calls within 24 hours, and find ways to do readings, write books, and travel to do demonstrations of mediumship. I am great at finding a way to schedule all this BUT I am very stressed out.  I am going to have to give up my crown and no longer be the Queen of Double Tasking.  It is time for me to do one thing at a time, focus on the one thing, and enjoy whatever I am doing.  Right now, I am really enjoying writing this post and I am not listening for my phone at the same time. THIS is a small change, but it is progress.

I know I will show my age when I tell you that I remember the days before there were any telephone answering machines. If you wanted to reach someone, you might be dialing ALL day until someone picked up the phone. It IS less stressful to be able to leave a message now that we have answering machines.  But I am not sure that having my cell phone on all the time and being in constant contact with the world is best for me or for any of us.

Before cell phones I spent many a morning taking a walk to find a beautiful spot where I would sit down and write the lyrics of a song.  My time outside was so important to me. Now I find myself on the computer instead of in the garden or walking along a beautiful road.

I would like to feel better and less stressed out.

HOW ABOUT YOU?  Do you double and triple task? Is this good for you?

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1. Jessica - December 11, 2008

OMG, Carole, sometimes you make me laugh! I think you’re not so old…but then, I remember phones without dials, party-lines, and operators who used plug-boards to place our calls for us. Those were the days…

Seems like we had much more and better time for taking care of “self” back then. I loved soaking baths, reading mysteries, long walks, the smell changing seasons. Motherhood kind of changed all that for me…brought out the “I can do anything (all things) at once for everybody!” Now that I’m an “empty-nester” perhaps I can find time to unstress and nourish my own psyche. Thanks for sharing. I’m with you girl!

2. Ron M. - December 12, 2008

These conversations make me remember the time over 30 years ago now when I was working at my first job and the operators at the business used an old fashioned switch board with plugs to connect people. I remember, too, how excited we were to have our first rotary dial telephone…8 parties!!! It was all my parents could afford.

I have a computer, lap top, cell phone and all the other gadgets to keep me informed – except a T.V. I do not watch T.V. and find that my computer has often replaced the time I might have spent watching programs or keeping up with the news.

I also am mindful of the fact that while I do get a lot done in the hours I am awake, thanks to double and triple tasking at times, I need my rest and my quiet time. I have enjoyed taking my dogs for walks, for instance and to hear the various song birds singing, see the trees and different things to see and soak up that wonderful, crisp air that makes us know we are alive.

Constant activity, I believe, is against the design of the human body. The human body needs to rest to recover from many things, most of them related to stress. Even exercise is physical stress and the muscles need a chance to recover.

In nature, we see value in one thing as well as its opposite. For instance, daylight gives us much needed warmth and Vitamin D, say nothing of a cheerier disposition. But the night time is important for sleep. The darker the better, so it is important to get rid of all the gadgets in a bedroom that create light because those who are sensitive to it will not get proper rest.

It seems to be a well documented medical fact that a lack of rest and constant stress lead to immune issues and susceptibility to disease, so I am all for a quieter way of life.

3. Carole Lynne - December 12, 2008

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your comments. I agree that years ago we did a much better job of taking care of ourselves. It IS time to “de-stress.”

4. Carole Lynne - December 12, 2008

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your wise comments. Yes, lack of rest and constant stress are NO good for us. Let us make this a year to feel better by taking better care of ourselves. Life is so precious.

5. Jessica - December 16, 2008

Carole, you’re on my mind. Sending out prayers for you. Hope all is well.

Be blessed.

6. Carole Lynne - December 16, 2008

HI Jessica,

Thanks for your thoughts. I am feeling better everyday as I realize how important it is to do things slowly and to avoid conflict whenever possible. Many of us live lives that are too stressful. If we slow down, we actually accomplish just as much. As we are mindful of what we are doing and more in the moment, we can do just as much but in a calmer way.

7. Jessica - December 16, 2008

Very, true. Sometimes, the enormity of a situation/circumstance really gets to me. Naturally, I turn into “Super-Fixer Girl” and wear myself out! LOL Then, I take a step back and realize that while some things are out of my control, and they have to run their course…I can control myself and take one thing, or one step at a time to feel better. Just as you mentioned above. Don’t forget to breathe!

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