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Those Who Lose Loved Ones to Suicide December 8, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Grief.
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THIS POST IS ABOUT A  TOUGH TOPIC: SUICIDE.  If you do not feel like reading this at this time, please scroll down and read the other posts.

I did a reading recently for a woman, and her husband in spirit came through. I could tell as I began to blend with the energy of his spirit, that he did not die a natural death.  As I began to blend in a deeper way, I suspected that he had taken his own life.   Unfortunately when I asked my client if this was so, she said “yes.”

My heart went out to this woman and I am still sending her many prayers.  I cannot imagine how deep her grief must be. While there were many problems in her marriage, it is still a terrible way to lose a loved one.   I am still sending prayers to her.

When I connect with the spirit of someone who has taken his or her own life, sometimes the spirit is very sorry for what has happened. Other times the spirit is angry and blames people.  I always sense when I am blending with the spirit of one who has committed suicide, that there are loving spirits of guidance around, trying to help.

I encourage anyone who has suicidal feelings to get help IMMEDIATELY from their doctor.  And if you have a loved one who talks about suicide, do all that you can to encourage your loved one to get help.

Always remember that if someone you love does commit suicide, it is not your fault.

Let us all pray for those who have taken their own lives, and let us pray for all those loved ones who mourn their deaths.


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1. Ian - December 9, 2008

Do you think those who commit suicide are somehow disadvantaged or are less able to find peace in the spirit world?

2. Corrigan - December 9, 2008

Do you think that people who commit suicide are at a disadvantage in the spirit world or that is harder for them to find peace? Do you think that they are discriminated against or that they have much more work to do in order to catch up with other spirits?

3. Carole Lynne - December 9, 2008

Hi Ian and Corrigan,

While it is just as hard to generalize about the experience of those in spirit as it is to generalize about people who are living: I do have to say that I find that the spirits of those who have taken their own lives, seem to be in a deeper period of learning and resolving than the spirits of those who pass into eternal life without alot of extra emotional baggage.

I do not think that the spirits of those who have taken their own lives are discriminated against. My experience tells me that they are helped by a loving universal energy that many of us call God.

4. Ron M. - December 12, 2008

On very rare occasions I have had communication come from someone in spirit who had committed suicide. While my experience is limited, one instance truly stands out as remarkable and may be true for others who pass in this way.

This one spirit, besides being sorry, seemed to have his eyes opened to the misunderstandings that had taken place during his lifetime that brought to him feelings of inadequacy.

Recenty I have been in a discussion on vantage points. In this particular case, the vantage point from which this spirit was able to see the situation from the “other” realm allowed him to come to an understanding that may not have been possible otherwise.

I do NOT want to give the impression that this makes suicide an alternative for any of us. This is simply a commentary that this communicator did not offer the impression of feeling condemned nor discriminated against.

It was clear that the learning process in spirit had expanded his perception of his life on earth and enabled him to do a couple of things: take responsibility for the aftermath and GROW. What a hard way to grow, but in this one experience that I had that is what I was clearly allowed to see.

On a personal level, I cannot imagine a God that would punish someone who was incapable of understanding the consequences of any action, so in my mind when there may be drugs or emotional and mental health disturbances that cause people to take their own lives God does not judge and we should follow that example of non-judgment.

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