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Finding a Good Teacher November 6, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in Spiritual Education.
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I receive many emails each month from people who are realizing that the world of spirit is beginning to “talk” to them.  These are people who are suspecting that they might be mediums, able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on into eternal life.

I respond to these emails, encouraging people to find a teacher of spirit communication. But can spirit communication be taught? No. There is no way that any teacher can make someone into a medium. But if a person has received the gift of being able to communicate with the world of spirit, a good teacher will help the student discover this spiritual gift within.

Where can one find a good teacher?  The religion of Spiritualism has many good teachers, and if you study the backgrounds of many of the best mediums in the world, they are either part of Spiritualism or they were when they were first unfolding their spiritual gifts.  Many Spiritualist churches and centers have classes for both members and non-members.

Some people do not want to be part of any religion. If so, another choice is to get the name of a teacher from a new age book store or in an advertisement in a new age magazine in print or on line.

Whatever you do, find a good teacher.

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1. Jessica - November 7, 2008

Good Morning, Carole! I am excited to see you adding catagories, and look forward to following along with Spiritual Education and Spiritualism Religion. Today I treated myself by ordering a copy of your own book & CD, Consult Your Inner Psychic. As I stated in a previous post, there is no Spiritualist church in my area…the closest appears to be in Billings, Montana. They have no website. I’ve been following the posts between you and Ron. And checking out suggestions by you both on who and what to read. One I was of course familiar with was Edgar Cayce. The others? I’m doing the follow-up. Do you recall Ram Das? Be Here Now was all the rage on my college campus. I have recently begun to catch up on my reading! Have a wonderful day!

2. Carole Lynne - November 7, 2008

Hi Jessica,

It is good to hear from you. I am glad that you will be working with Consult Your Inner Psychic. Here is a tip on how to use the CD that comes with the book. This is NOT a CD to be played like a regular CD where one plays the whole CD. The tracks on the CD are meant to be used ONE at a time. Each track goes with a different “energy” that is written about in the book. When you work with one of the “energies” then play the track that goes with that energy,

The writing of Consult Your Inner Psychic changed my life. Most of the “messages” in the book were channeled,and I felt the presence of spirit so much while writing the book and composing the CD, A musician named Nat Hefferman helped compose and record the CD.

If you have patience and work with the process taught in the book, you will find that you will get in touch with new parts of yourself.

Also, I am realizing that there are many people around the world, like yourself, who want to learn more about spiritual development. Many do not live near teachers, so if I can get my 4th book finished and in the stores, THEN I will have time to develop some kind of conference call seminars. I want to develop a way to work with five to ten people at a time on the phone. Stay tuned to my website and hopefully in the next year, I will have a telephone seminar to offer.

It is always good to hear from you. Let us know how you are doing with Consult Your Inner Psychic. I may start a category just for students who are working with it and perhaps YOU will be the first to comment.

Also, you mentioned an interest in Spiritualism. If there is no church near you, that is tough. I do know of some good courses that you can take by correspondence in Spiritualim. If you are interested, let me know.

Have a great day.

3. Saundra - November 8, 2008

Good Morning Carole,

I am one of those people to whom spirit is speaking to “get involved”. To be honest, I should say that the urge is simply becoming stronger, since I have “known” since I was a teen that I MUST be of service. Having worked in hospice for about eleven years and co-founding a non-profit for medically dependant children and terminally ill children, I felt I was on my way. But then a chronic health problem reared it’s ugly head and I have been unable to work for longer than I care to admit. (Quite devastating actually) In May I attended a retreat with world renowned medium Robert Brown and friends and the spark has been re-ignited. (Regardless of my health issues, which I continue to address.) I am also attending “Boot Camp” in the Bahamas which Robert Brown facillitates. Finding your website feels like another link in my journey. Having emailed you and received a response almost immediately, I feel a connection has been made. At your suggestion, I located and hope to attend a Spiritualist Church service tomorrow. I also should be receiving your book Consult Your Inner Phychic any day. This has turned into a much longer note than I had planned so I will sign off and say thank you for your support!


4. Carole Lynne - November 8, 2008

Good morning Saundra,

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Glad to hear that you are taking education seriously. I have known Robert Brown for many years, and some of my students attend his weeks. Glad to hear you are going to “Boot Camp”

Let me know how you are doing with Consult Your Inner Psychic.. As I have told others, do not play the entire CD that comes with the book all at once. Each track is to be used, ONE at a time as you get in touch with one of the twelve energies described in the book.

If you are not already on my email list, please sign up as eventually there will be some seminars offered for those who are working with Consult Your Inner Psychic.

Good to hear from you. Stop by often.

5. Jessica - November 10, 2008

Just getting back to you…I’m delighted at the prospect of participating in a Consult Your Inner Psychic group. I have long felt much the same as Saundra! So, perhaps my role will be one of bringing Spirit, and teaching in my area…One step at a time.


6. Carole Lynne - November 10, 2008

Thanks for the message Jessica. Yes, one step at a time we will get these study groups going.

Actually, if you are working with Consult Your Inner Psychic, there is advice in the book on how to work with the process with a group. You and some friends could get together and give her each other intuitive guidance readings, as suggested in the book.

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